All in all, our whole wedding went off without a hitch. My HB and his groomsmen set up our DIY photobooth and decorations at the reception hall in the morning, my girls and I got our hair and makeup done and everyone looked exactly how I imagined, the flowers were delivered to my house and they looked gorgeous, the ceremony was beautiful, and everyone had a blast at the reception. 

The do's and don'ts of throwing a wedding.That all being said, I was literally nauseous for three days prior to our wedding. Apparently this is normal (or that’s at least what a bunch of other brides said on some wedding forums I found) but I still had to force myself to eat to avoid losing anymore weight, and it sure didn’t help my stress levels.

Trying to sell a household of stuff on Craigslist, packing up our apartment, and getting ready to throw a wedding probably wasn’t the smartest decision.

So for wedding dos, I think that packing an emergency bridal kit with makeup, blotting sheets, Advil, and a fan to cool you down is something that you should not go without.

Of course the one thing I forgot to bring was a bottle of water, major don’t! After the ceremony when we were taking family photos I almost died! It was hot out, my feet were killing me in my sky high heels, and my dress was starting to feel too tight. I started to feel like I was going to faint so I rushed into the church and tried to cool down.

Luckily my photographer friend had a bottle of water which she gave to me, and thankfully I was able to loosen the back of my dress. That was my one diva moment on our wedding day, but I honestly can’t believe I almost fainted right after getting married! So bringing a bottle of water is a major must!

Once I felt better, I kicked off my heels and wore the emergency flats I brought for the rest of the day (so glad I brought them, though I do regret not putting them back on for wedding party and couple photos).

Another thing I’m so glad I brought was a second dress for the reception. It was a looser, shorter dress that was way more comfortable to wear than my big poofy ball gown and I think I would have been so uncomfortable the whole night if I didn’t have that to change into.

Some major don’ts I wish I didn’t do was drink too much. I never felt overly drunk, but both my HB and I woke up the next morning with some awful hangovers. Not the best start to married life I’ll tell you. I also wish we got a chance to eat our wedding cake. After we cut it we just continued talking with guests and by the time we realized we didn’t have any cake, it was all gone. Make sure to save at least the top tier for yourselves before serving the cake to guests, or at least grab a slice for yourselves right after cutting it.

Other than those few things, the best advice I can give to any of you future brides and grooms is to just let everything go on the day of, ask for help when you need it, and have fun. Nothing is ever perfect, and you can’t control every little thing. As long as you get married that day, then nothing else really matters.

For more on my wedding and how much it cost:

What dos and don’ts of throwing a wedding would you suggest to any future brides and grooms?

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