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If you’ve been following me on Twitter, then you know how I spent my long weekend — preparing my taxes. That’s right, I hunkered down and went through all the paperwork and receipts I’ve been keeping in my trusty tax box for the past year.  

I can’t deny that I was dreading it because I knew I had a lot of stuff to go through. As diligent as I am, it still took me a whole afternoon to go through everything, save digital copies (just in case!) and type everything into a spreadsheet.

Although that wasn’t exactly fun, it’s a huge relief to be 100% ready to file my taxes! And now all I have to do is plug all the info I’ve compiled into my UFile tax software and see how much I’ll get back this year.

The last time I filed my taxes with UFile was a few years ago, so I’m really looking forward to using it again this year because it has gone through a major redesign. It makes perfect sense why UFile has gone through a refresh considering 45% of Canadians filed their own taxes in 2015, and 82% of all tax returns were filed electronically last year.

There’s a clear demand for good online tax software, and from what I saw by doing a thorough review of the new platform, UFile has definitely upped their game in terms of user-friendliness, troubleshooting solutions and design.

To give you an idea of what’s changed, here’s a breakdown of some of the newest features and key things to note about the software in general. And don’t forget to scroll to the bottom to enter to win some fabulous prizes care of UFile!

UFile’s New Features

  • Software now includes a new real-time diagnostic panel and Tax Saving Ideas tool, offering highly customized, troubleshooting solutions for filers, ensuring no credits, deductions, transfers or other benefits have been overlooked.
  • UFile has a fresh new design, bold aesthetic and graphic icons and more intuitive navigation.
  • UFile ONLINE users are now offered free telephone support (in addition to free email support and virtual agent).


But How Much Does it Cost?


  • $17.95 for a single person.
  • $27.95 for a couple (includes limited dependants).

UFile for Windows (desktop)

  • $19.99 UFile 4 (up to 4 returns, includes bonus 4 returns for taxpayers with an income of $25,000 or less).
  • $29.99 UFile 12 (up to 12 returns, includes bonus 4 returns for taxpayers with an income of $25,000 or less).

Get 15% Off Your Purchase

  • Use promo code JAXEDRAD7D to take 15% off the price of UFile ONLINE (available to all provinces in Canada until the end of May)!

Additional Things to Note

  • UFile’s desktop and online products can prepare any type of personal tax return, eliminating the need to upgrade to a more advanced product.
  • UFile is compatible across all platforms and browsers.
  • You can file with UFile for free if:
    • You only have a T4 slip to report.
    • Your total income is under $20,000.
    • You are a first-time filer (including new Canadians).
    • You are a post-secondary student.
    • You are a senior receiving the Guaranteed Income Supplement.

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