[Ep. 15] Taking Control & Starting Your Own Business with Angela Mastrogiacomo

angela-mastrogiacomo-muddy-paw-prI was so excited to talk with Angela Mastrogiacomo for this episode because her story instantly clicked with me. It’s actually kind of cool how I connected with Angela.

As you know from listening to my podcast episode with my husband Josh, he’s a freelance audio engineer and a big part of his job is to network in hopes of finding his next gig. Well, he started going to this one industry meet-up called Balanced Breakfast and guess who created the whole darn thing — Angela.

He came home after his first meet-up and told me that Angela would make the perfect guest for my podcast. Considering she’s a music blogger and started her own PR company at a very young age, he was bang on the money and I contacted her soon after.

In this episode, we talk about a lot of different things but mainly how Angela got the courage to follow her big passion — working in the music industry. Coming from an arts background myself, I know that is no easy task, but Angela is just one of those amazing people who takes those risks because the alternative is not an option.

Not only did she start her own company, she’s also trying to change the music industry itself. She’s going city to city to create these industry meet-ups so artists, producers and engineers can network and hopefully create some fruitful relationships. Angela is so freaking cool, you just really need to listen to this episode.
We mentioned a few important links in this episode, so here they are below. And of course I gave out a few more shout outs to some very nice iTunes reviewers. Thanks guys!

Important Links Angela Mentioned

  • Balanced Breakfast Music Industry Meet-up
  • Infectious Magazine
  • Muddy Paw PR

Shout Outs

At the end of this episode I gave some shout outs to some fellow Canadians. Thank you so much for leaving me reviews Casey in TO, Blonde on a Budget and Keyan Grunding. And if you want to be mentioned in a future episode, all you’ve got to do is take less than 2 minutes to leave me a review on iTunes or Stitcher. Make sure to include a URL if you’ve got a website or blog and I’d be happy to link to it as well!
Could you ever turn your passion into a full-time gig instead of just a hobby? I think it’s a pretty courageous thing to do, but I’m still a bit chicken. I’d love to know what your thoughts are though!

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