jaciFor my first Mo’ Money Podcast episode of 2016, I interview my friend, and co-founder of Rich & Fit, Jaclyn Phillips. Jaclyn is awesome. And yes, I may be biased, but she really is. The reason we first connected was because we are equally passionate about helping others when it comes to finance or fitness.  She loves fitness and wants to share everything she’s learned with people who want to improve their health. I love finance and want to share everything I’ve learned with people who want to improve their financial lives. When we met and started talking about what we do outside of work — well, it wasn’t long until we came up with our idea for the Rich & Fit program.

In this episode, Jaclyn and I discuss how she got into the fitness world and how she eventually turned her love of fitness and competing into a part-time business. To give you an idea of what she does, here’s a look (she’s the brunette on the left):

Yup, she knows fitness. She also does her own hair and make-up for shows to save on money (frugal too!).

To learn more about Jaclyn Phillips, I highly suggest you check out her website and her Instagram. Her Instagram is seriously my daily motivation to get up and move off the couch.

And also make sure to check out and register for our 6-week Rich & Bootcamp! It’s an online course that’s all about whipping your body and money into shape in only 6 weeks!

If you want a taste, sign up for our free 5-day Rich & Fit Detox. It’s a great way to hit reset on your health and your spending habits.

For more podcast episodes, check out the podcast page.

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