[Ep. 73] How to Overcome Life’s Major Obstacles Like Erika

November 9, 2016

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It’s not surprising that she struggled with striking a balance between living frugally and spending her money freely to live in the moment. Luckily, she soon realized that YOLOing it up wasn’t the answer, nor was living like an extreme cheapskate. She needed to find a system that worked that gave her clarity, freedom and balance.

Now she’s well on her way from being debt-free, and I absolutely have it in my calendar to see if she achieves her goal of crushing her debt by this time next year. Actually, I hope to follow-up with all of my Listener Series guests to see how they’re all doing in a year’s time, how cool would that be!
Thank you Erika for sharing your story with me and to all of the Mo’ Money Podcast listeners. You are a rockstar, so keep up the great work!

Erika’s Budgeting Go-to Software

YNAB (You Need a Budget)

Her Words of Wisdom on Living with MS

I really just want to get rid of that stigma of being shameful. 20 plus years ago it was very much don’t tell anyone…it was a black mark. It’s no longer that way and I want to work towards making sure that people no longer feel that way about it.

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