[Ep. 61] How Taylor from San Diego Paid Off $14,000 in 7 Months

Taylor Milam Blogger HeadshotMy third episode in my special podcast listener series features Taylor Milam from San Diego. Her debt story may sound very familiar to you if you had to pay for school on your own, work a few jobs at night and still depend on student loans to finish your degree.

But her story is also a great example of where resilience and hard work can take you. Sure, Taylor had to get student loans to pay for school, but she also worked relentlessly to pay them off as soon as she could. And she did! After only 7 months she was able to pay off $14,000 in student debt.

Now, she’s on a mission to help people just like her get out of debt, and more importantly stay out of debt, on her blog The Freedom from Money.

Read Her Original Blog Interview with Me:

Check Out Some of Taylor’s Best Blog Posts

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