March 31, 2021

[Ep. 274] How to Become a Master Negotiator with Jean-Nicolas Reyt

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Unfortunately, most of us weren’t taught how to negotiate and the examples we see on TV do not work in the real world. That’s why I have Jean-Nicolas Reyt on the show, who is a negotiation expert and Assistant Professor of Organizational Behaviour at McGill University. He teaches students every day what to do, and not to, when negotiation in every situation.

Unlike what we may think, it’s not about being aggressive or manipulating the other party. It’s about doing your research, being confident in what you’re asking for, and ultimately finding a middle ground in which you, and whoever you’re negotiating with, find a happy outcome.

As mentioned in the show, Jean-Nicolas has so many great tips and ideas on this topic, so make sure to subscribe to his newsletter Master Negotiators linked below.

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  1. Krista says:

    Hey, I really enjoyed this episode! I can relate to almost everything that was discussed, as an “early in my career” woman. I always wonder about negotiating, because I work in healthcare and I feel like it’s such a regulated profession, that there really is no room for negotiating. It feels 100% like for this position at this level, this is the salary – take it or leave it. Curious about negotiating in fields like this, vs private industry (where negotiation makes a lot more sense).
    As an aside, the last time I switched jobs, I had 3 offers – which blew my mind and did worlds to improve my sense of self worth. Interestingly, the one job i really wanted offered me a salary that was roughly 40% of the other two offers, but for an interesting company and in a desirable location – it really felt like they were banking on the ‘cool’ factor to make up for the nearly poverty level wage. It was such an outrageous offer than I did try to negotiate, but after some back and forth, they wouldn’t budge and I turned the job down. The whole situation felt insulting, uncomfortable, and I got pretty emotional about it at times. I will be checking out Jean Nicolas’s newsletter. This is such a good topic, thanks!

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