December 16, 2020

[Ep. 257] The Power of Financial Literacy with Dr. JeFreda Brown

This episode of the Mo’ Money Podcast is sponsored by Passiv, the portfolio rebalancing software that can put your portfolio on autopilot. To learn more about how Passiv at Jefreda Brown HeadshotYou know how I came up with the title for this episode? It was actually from a listener who shared with me that she never knew the power of personal finance (and financial literacy) before she discovered books, blogs and podcasts like mine. And once she realized how powerful it can be, it changed her whole perspective on things.

My next guest Dr. JeFreda Brown shares a similar realization in this episode. Before helping individuals with their money, she worked on the institutional side of things. But her passion for personal finance and motivation to teach others the powers of financial literacy led her to start her own company, Provision Financial Education, and dedicate her time to empowering others through her financial wellness programs.

Seeing as discovering the world of personal finance changed my life and path forever, I couldn’t agree more that financial literacy is one of the most important things we need to bring more to the forefront. So if you like this episode, share it with your friends and family. Get the word out that your financial present does not have to be your financial future. All of this stuff can be learned, you just need to start somewhere and keep going.

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  1. Dana says:

    Hey Jessica, I recently came across your podcast and love it. Thank you for all your hard work.

    Two questions for you.
    1) with Dr jaFreda- she had a roadmap course that was a 3 day free course. I looked it up abd the website is not there. Do you know anything else about it.
    2) we have a very aggressive plan this year to work on our debt… my question is with us being in our 30’s with a few kids should we be doing both with going after debt and investing more than we do? Any specific podcasts that speak to this and thoughts of what average families should do?

    Thanks again,
    Sincerely, Dana ( New listening who listens very frequently now)

    I was

    • Yes, I think by the time I aired the episode her 3-day course was no longer available. She has been making some big changes with her business (like a business name change) so I assume that’s why. I recorded the episode in September so a lot of things can change in the meantime. And great question! I’ll definitely do more episodes that specifically speak to families, but my opinion always is 1) Set up an emergency fund 2) Pay off all high interest debt 3) Then focus on investing for retirement and other goals.

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