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Ever since I connected with Tanja from Our Next Life about a year ago, I was waiting for the opportunity to have her on my show. But for most of the year she was an anonymous blogger. You see, she was waiting to reveal herself until she was able to hand in her notice at her job so her and her husband could retire early.

Well, she’s handed in her notice and is set to officially retire early this January. I know, I know, this sounds like a dream most of us have had while putting in those long hours at our day jobs. But what’s awesome about my interview with Tanja is she discusses how her and her husband were able to do it. And they didn’t go to any extremes to reach their goal. They didn’t sell all their things or sacrifice their present happiness and comfort to reach tomorrow’s goal of financial independence.

Besides sharing the steps she took to be able to retire early (in her 30s!), she also shares the book that inspired her to take this journey. It’s called How to Retire Early by Robert & Robin Charlton, and it’s a book she highly recommends if anyone wants to learn more about how to make a solid plan to retire early.

I know I’m definitely going to check it out, because achieving F.I.R.E. is definitely one of my new crazy big life goals! And if Tanja can do it, really anyone can do it!

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