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Get Your Financial Life Right Course

Want to get your finances in order but aren’t quite sure what a “financial plan” means? I got you! Join 500+ students and sign up to my free 10-day Get Your Financial Life Right email course and learn all the steps you need to take to get your finances back on track.

Investing Foundations for Canadians

Want to stop thinking about investing, and start actually investing? Learn everything you need to know about investing in Canada with my Investing Foundations for Canadians course!

Passive Investing for Canadians course - Coming Soon

Learn more about robo-advisors and DIY investing in this course all about passive investing through the indexing strategy. This course, Passive Investing for Canadians, will be available soon!

recommended courses

These are courses that I’ve taken, gotten major results with, and now want to recommend to you. There are so many courses out there (heck, I’ve got my own, I should know!), so in case you’re looking for a course on any of the topics below, here are some of my personal recommendations.

10K Va Course - Kayla Sloan

If you want to start a side hustle, but aren’t sure what to do, have you thought about becoming a virtual assistant? VAs can start earning $20/hour easy, and this course by virtual assistant pro Kayla Sloan will show you exactly how to become one and start getting clients.

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Create and Go

Thinking of starting a blog or have one already? This course by Alex and Lauren of Create and Go on how to use Pinterest to increase your web traffic will change the game for you. It did for me!

Six-Figure Blogger Create and Go

The perfect all-in-one course to take you from hobby blogger to 6-figure blogger. Highly recommend!

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