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Brand Partnerships

I love to partner with brands that I believe in and share helpful information and deals with my audience. If you have a service, product or something amazing you want millennials who are passionate about personal finance to know about, please click here to get in touch with my agent.

To give you an idea of brands that I’ve worked with, here are some examples: CIBC, TD Bank, RBC, BMO, AMEX, Capital One, Tangerine, PC Financial, Simplii, EQ Bank, DUCA, Meridian Credit Union, Wealthsimple, Quickbooks, and CDIC.

Jessica Moorhouse Quickbooks
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I’m on a mission to educate everyone from university students to professionals about the power of personal finance. I sincerely believe that once you take control of your money, you can take control of your life and the possibilities are limitless. To enquire about booking me for an upcoming speaking engagement, workshop or lunch and learn session, please contact my agent.

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Start Your Investing Journey…


Wealth Building Blueprint for Canadians
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