Brand Partnerships

I love to partner with brands that I believe in and share helpful information and deals with my audience. If you have a service, product or something amazing you want millennials who are passionate about personal finance to know about, then get in touch with me today!

As a reference point, some of my current offerings include (but are not limited to) podcast sponsorships, video and Facebook live sponsorships, blog post sponsorships and event sponsorships (ex. Millennial Money Meetup).

To give you an idea of brands that I’ve worked with, here are some examples: CIBC, TD Bank, RBC, BMO, AMEX, Capital One, Tangerine, PC Financial, EQ Bank, DUCA, Meridian Credit Union, Wealthsimple, Justwealth, Lowest Rates, InsuranceHotline, Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO), KAYAK, Financial Services Commissions of Ontario (FSCO), H&R Block and UFile.


I’m on a mission to educate everyone from high school students to professionals about the power of personal finance. I sincerely believe that once you take control of your money, you can take control of your life and the possibilities are limitless. To enquire about booking me for an upcoming speaking engagement, workshop or lunch and learn session, please email me.

Upcoming Engagements

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Freelance Writing

Would you like one of the top millennial money experts in the field to write for you? Email me and let’s chat.

Here are a few writing samples to give you an idea of what I can do for you and your content marketing strategy.

PC Financial | How to Budget as a Freelancer

Sonnet | 4 Ways Millennials Can Improve their Finances in a Month

Achieva Financial | Calculating Your Personal Savings Rate

PC Financial | 5 Financially Savvy Things to Do When Starting a New Job

Progressive Want to be a Real Adult? Life Insurance Can Help With That

Progressive | 5 Things to Protect Your Identity From Theft

Progressive | What Home Insurance Means to me Now That I’m a New Homeowner

Progressive | Why rolling rental insurance into your budget is one of the most money-smart things you can do

RateHub | 5 Surprise Discoveries Made in My First Month of House Hunting


Want to know who’s reading my blog, listening to my podcast and watching my YouTube channel? Check out these real life testimonials.

“I feel more grounded after the 10 emails [in the Get Your Financial Life Right Challenge] and I appreciate you putting this program together. It gives me clear steps to kinda feeling like I have my life together.”

Victoria Meschino – Chicago, IL, USA

“I love listening to the Mo’ Money Podcast on my morning commute and getting inspired on how to take event better control of my finances! Highly recommend it!”

Nadine – Amsterdam, Netherlands

“Jessica’s info in her Get Your Financial Life Right Challenge is dead on! Every time she sends an email it’s ALWAYS full of great advice.”

Rhonda – Ottawa, ON, Canada

“Really enjoy reading Jessica’s blog and listening to her Mo’ Money Podcast. Keep up the great work!”

Chad Price, Welcome to the Nerdery – Harrisburg, PA, USA

“I started listening to Jessica’s podcast right when I needed it! As a female in her late 20’s, I can really relate to the topics covered. Great podcast!”

Jessica Brown, Leroy Brown Furnishings – Vancouver, BC, Canada

“The first thing you’ll notice when you listen to Jessica on her podcast is her sincerity. She has an honesty that is immediately apparent whether you’re reading a post or listening to her awesome podcast. Her friendly way lets you feel like you are sitting right there with her just having a conversation. She brings a breath of fresh air to the personal finance atmosphere!”

Andrew Daniels, Family Money Plan – Winnipeg, MB, Canada

“Really enjoy the honesty, transparency, and overall feel of [her] posts. I feel like I’m talking or hanging out with a friend and shooting the breeze about money. Keep it up, it’s really good stuff.”

Chris Peach, Money Peach – Glendale, AZ, USA

“Really enjoy this podcast! Jessica is very sincere and honest…Add this podcast to your listening library today!”

Rachel Hernandez, Adventures in Mobile Homes – USA