Episode 93: How to Plan Your Retirement the Smart Way with Fritz Gilbert

Feb 21, 2017

This episode is sponsored by LowestRates.ca, where you can find the lowest rates in Canada for your mortgage, auto insurance, life insurance and more…just like that. Make sure to check out their awesome blog, especially their Young Money series.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this episode, lots of us young people don’t start thinking about planning for our retirement, well…until it’s too late. Which isn’t a good thing. Continue Reading

Episode 89: How to Save Half Your Income Like a Pro with Desirae Odjick

Feb 7, 2017

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I know I said Desirae Odjick, the blogger behind Half Banked, is like a mini-me, but I think what I really meant is she’s like a sister from another mister. Once we started chatting, it’s like we already knew each other, and it was such a treat for me to interview her after following her blog for so long. Continue Reading

Episode 88: Listener Series – How to Dress for Success on a Budget with Christina Proctor

Feb 2, 2017

When podcast listener Christina Proctor emailed me about her story and how she became a style coach, I knew I needed to chat with her for a Listener Series episode. I am probably the least fashionable person around, but that doesn’t mean I want to be! So When Christina said she could share her expertise on building a solid wardrobe on a real person’s budget, I got pretty excited. Continue Reading