I can’t believe it’s already been two months since my first Millennial Money Meetup! It was so much fun and there was such a great turnout. But at the same time, one of the biggest comments I got was that the panel discussion wasn’t long enough. No kidding! We had so much more to talk about. 30 minutes definitely wasn’t enough time for us to touch on everything we wanted to. 
Personal finance changed my life! That's why I'm celebrating Financial Literacy Month with a money Q&A.That’s why I thought we’d continue the discussion for a special Facebook live stream and celebrate Financial Literacy Month at the same time.

Sadly, Michelle Summerfield from The Classy Simple Life couldn’t join us, but myself, Barry Choi from Money We Have and Daniel Teo from Urban Departures talked up quite a storm this past weekend!

In case you missed the live stream, you can watch the replay below.

Watch the Live Stream Replay

So What is Financial Literacy Month Anyway?

I’m so glad you asked. Financial Literacy Month launched in 2011, and the Parliament of Canada made it official in 2012. As noted on the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada‘s website, it was launched in order to:

…raise awareness among Canadians and stakeholders about the importance of financial literacy in strengthening an individual’s financial well-being.

It’s a great initiative and I’m so glad it exists, but I’m honestly a bit shocked it took until 2011 to get it started. And although I think it’s great that we can all take November to really focus on educating ourselves about personal finance, it really is a lifelong education.

Why Do I Care So Much About It?

And I say it’s a lifelong education because I’ve been diving deep into the world of personal finance for over 6 years and I’m still learning new things. And I’m going to continue to learn new things for many years to come, which is a big reason why I’m currently enrolled in the Accredited Financial Counsellor program.

I know it may sound cliché, but the big reason I care so much about learning and teaching personal finance is because it changed my life. When I got a firm grasp of the ins and outs of money management, I became more hopeful for my future, I gained a confidence I never thought possible, and most importantly I realized that I could take control of my life by taking control of my money.

I was no longer boxed into a certain future or salary. The possibilities were endless when money wasn’t an issue anymore. Just think about that for a moment.

Why Should You Care Too?

You don’t need to be a crazy money nerd like me to experience the transformative powers of financial literacy. It doesn’t have to be something you think about 24/7. It doesn’t even need to take up much of your day-to-day life.

You just need to start small. Slowly start integrating those smart money habits into your daily routine. It won’t be long until you start seeing a positive change. And best of all those money worries that used to consume your thoughts will dissipate, because you’ll know what you need to do and will have a roadmap to get you where you need to go.

If you’re not sure where to start, I highly suggest listening to my Mo’ Money Podcast, reading one of my book recommendations, and of course, starting a budget with my free budget spreadsheet (which includes a handy video tutorial).

Another great thing about educating yourself about personal finance is that you’re not alone in doing so. Millions of people around the world are doing it, and a few hundred of those people just so happen to be in my Money. Life. Balance. Facebook group. I’m telling you, learning about money is more fun when you’ve got people to talk to about it with!

How has learning about personal finance changed your life? Or if you’re just getting into it, what do you hope it changes in your life?

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