So the other day my little sister told me about a reality show called Extreme Cheapskates. Obviously I had to watch it to find out if a) I was an extreme cheapskate, and b) how crazy these people really were. Well, they were all pretty crazy and thankfully I do not fall into the extreme cheapskate category (hallelujah!).  I watched about 5 episodes and out of all the people featured on the show, there was only one person on the show that wasn’t actually that bad. He rode his bike everywhere instead of driving a car, he made his own house cleaners from vinegar and lemon juice to save on cash, and him and his wife were able to retire by 40 because of their cheap ways.

The other people featured on the show were more on the extreme end. One guy asked people for their leftovers at restaurants, one girl furnished her entire apartment with stuff she found in the dumpster or by the side of the road, and one woman chose to pee in a bottle instead of using her toilet to save money on water. Wake up people, these things are not okay!

I’m all for living a frugal lifestyle to save money, but I have my limits. I mean, it’s great to save money and all but what’s the point of living if you can’t even use your own f***ing toilet! And eating the leftovers from strangers? That’s just disgusting!

The worst part was that the friends or partners of these extreme cheapskates were beyond embarrassed by their actions. No kidding. What they are doing is totally socially unacceptable, but I think these people actually like that they are breaking society’s rules and walking to the beat of their own drum. It’s almost like an obsessive hobby to them.

The thing that really irks me about all of this is that if these people spent the same amount of time and energy on making more money than they do on cutting corners, they wouldn’t need to make their own toilet paper or forage for food in the dumpster. I think to be a really smart, frugal person you need to have a balance. You need to look for deals and be smart with your cash, but you also need to find ways of increasing your income too.

I know that the first year I lived on my own I made the least amount of money and lived the poorest I ever will. If I had to live like that or worse for more years to come I just don’t think I could handle it.

The thing that motivates me everyday is the knowledge that each year my income increases and so does my quality of life. My apartment now is way nicer than my last place, and I know the next place I move to will be even nicer. I don’t like living frugally. I do it to so one day I won’t have to. Plus there’s no way in hell I’d ever be okay with eating roadkill for dinner. Just sayin’.

Thoughts? Are you an extreme cheapskate? Could you eat roadkill for dinner?

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