Ever wonder what your money personality is? 

I’m embarrassed to admit it, but almost a year ago to the day I planned to share this post. I just started taking the Personal Financial Services Advice course through the Canadian Securities Institute and a shot of inspiration zipped through my veins.

Immediately I started brainstorming exciting ways I could share the (pretty dry) content I was absorbing, and I even went so far as drafting this post about how to uncover your individual money personality.

And then…nothing. I let it sit in my drafts folder for over 12 months while I prioritized a number of other projects instead.

Well, one of the joys of being my own boss is I finally have the time I need to experiment and try new things — which brings me to my first ever quiz!

I’ve been dreaming of launching this free money personality quiz for so long, I almost can’t believe the day has finally come.

But let me go back a bit to give you some context.

You see, when I started that course last January, the first module was all about how our values, beliefs and attitudes shape the way we think about and manage our money.

Different Types of Money Personalities

First, I highly recommend checking out my video above that goes in-depth about the different money personalities around and what they all mean. I share not only what values are associated with each personality, but also some common money mistakes or things to be careful of for each personality.

As a quick snapshot of the different money personalities, here the four main attitudes people can have towards money:

  1. Security
  2. Love
  3. Power
  4. Freedom

They are pretty simple to understand. Someone with the security personality (which I called the Security Guard in the quiz), view money as a means to attain security. Saving (or hoarding) money makes them feel safe. People with this personality tend to be debt-averse but also fear investing because of the risk of losing it all.

If you get the love personality (The Gift Lover in the quiz), this doesn’t mean you love money, it means you feel like money can help you attain love. You know that friend who always offers to pay for dinner or is constantly buying gifts for family and friends? That friend might be unconsciously spending like this because they feel like it’s a good way to secure the love, friendship and admiration from the people in his or her life. Needless to say, people that fall into this personality type can tend to be overspenders and are possibly too familiar with living with debt.

As for the power personality (The Power Player), they view money as a tool to attain power. And it some way this can be true. In our society, you need money to achieve a position of authority. But unfortunately many people who have this viewpoint also tend to be entitled and classist. It’s not a bad thing necessarily to fall into this money personality type, but just be aware that money isn’t everything, and neither is power. Need I remind you of the old adage “You can’t take it with you”?

Last but not least, people with the freedom personality (The Freedom Fighter), are all about saving and investing their money so they can attain freedom. This could mean freedom to live the life they want today, or freedom later through early retirement or just a comfortable retirement.

Here’s What Money Personality I Got

For me, not surprisingly, money means security. Over the years freedom has become another big attitude of mine, especially since becoming self-employed, but deep down money will always mean security, safety and stability to me.

I bet you’re wondering how these attitudes are formed, and I bet you’ve already guessed the answer.

These attitudes are formed by a number of elements including how we were raised, what our parents’ attitudes towards money are, and what our past economic situations have been.

I feel like the reason my attitude is security is because growing up I didn’t have a lot. We lived very frugally up until I was in middle school, and my parents were very careful and lived by a very strict budget. And because of that we were never in debt. We were always in the black, but we lived very simply because of it. You can learn the whole story by listening to this podcast episode.

That same attitude followed me into adulthood because I’ve always been averse to debt and still feel safe and grounded when I’ve got a budget in place.

Take the Quiz to Find Out Yours!

Now, I’d love to know what your main attitude is. Take my quiz below and share your money personality in the comments! And share if it’s what you expected, or if it surprised you.

I’d also recommend jumping into my private Facebook group since this will be the topic of the day today.

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