Want to know how to save money on your Costco membership? Or how to share your Costco membership so you only have to pay half price? It’s actually pretty easy to do. With any Costco membership registration you receive a free spouse card. The best part about this is that your spouse doesn’t actually have to be your spouse. As noted on the Costco website:

A Spouse refers to either a spouse or a family member 18 years of age or older living at the same address.

How I Shared My Costco Membership Without a Spouse

How to save money on your Costco membership.Since my older sister and I are always looking to save money, we decided to get a Costco membership together.

Although we’ve both already moved out of our parents’ home when we got our Costco membership, because we still had their address on our driver’s licenses we were still applicable for the free spouse card (thank you loophole!).

My fiancé did the same thing with his stepdad. Because they both had the same address on their driver’s licenses, they were able to share a Costco membership and split the cost.

How Much We Saved

What would have cost my sister and I $55 each per year now only costs us $27.50. I know this doesn’t sound like a lot of money, but just look at it this way.

If we both got our own Costco memberships and continued to renew them for the next 10 years, we’d be paying $550 each just for the privilege of buying cereal and chicken in bulk. Since we’re splitting the cost, we’re both saving $275 each. Just think of all the bulk vitamins and canned soup that could buy!

How to Renew Your Membership Automatically

To top it all of, you can set it up so your membership renews automatically every year on your credit card.

So, technically I could move to Toronto and my sister could stay in Vancouver and we’d still be able to share our Costco membership and split the cost. Not too shabby, plus the poutine and dollar hot dogs are well worth the $27.50 a year.

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