Hey y’all! First off, I’ve got to admit that I’m not the best at time management or scheduling. Case in point, I planned to launch not one, but two new courses today…even though today I am on a plane to New York City, then in a car driving to the Catskills for a blogger retreat. I’m running on like 5 hours sleep right now…BUT I’M FEELING GREAT! Because today is the day I can finally share that I’ve got an amazing personal finance course called Rich & Fit: Financial Foundations that is officially open for registration! 

To make this all happen, I’ve been working like crazy to put the finishing touches on everything, and today I am so excited to share this with you! I could literally run around the neighbourhood right now screaming “Rich & Fit! Rich & Fit!” That’s how excited (and sleep deprived) I am!

So, to give you some background, you know my first ever course with my pal and business partner Jaclyn Phillips called the Rich & Fit Bootcamp, right? If not, it’s a 6 week online course that will whip your body & money into shape! Woo!

We launched the Rich & Fit Bootcamp in June 2017, and it’s crazy now to see that we’re almost at our 1 year anniversary of that launch. Since then, we launched the course again to students in September 2017, then one final time in January 2017, opening up registration for good, instead of continually closing registration every few months.

Our next project was to do something that many of our students were asking us to do…split up the courses into two. That’s right, instead of just having an immersive finance and fitness course, as of today, we officially have two separate courses open for registration!

Rich & Fit: Financial Foundations Banner

Rich & Fit: Financial Foundations

By splitting up these courses, this means for the first time ever I am offering a course that is about personal finance only. I still love the idea of the Rich & Fit Bootcamp, and I probably will until my dying day, but what I’ve had to realize is that not everyone is into finance and fitness. And that’s totally fine!

So, with my new course Rich & Fit: Financial Foundations, I’m offering 6 weeks of coursework to help you build a solid financial foundation for yourself. This course is for anyone who wants to be better at money, but literally has on idea where to start.

We get deep into budgeting, tracking your spending and tracking your net worth. But we also get into understanding your money mindset, identifying and conquering your spending triggers, practicing mindfulness and acceptance, and then end off with a bonus 7th week so you know exactly what your next steps are after the course.

Oh, and I almost forgot. When you sign up to the course, you also get a free one-on-one financial counselling session with myself (a $150 value), since I’m now a fully Accredited Financial Counselor-Canada®.

I know, I made the course so obviously I’d say this, but I am truly so proud of this course. I’ve gone through the materials in and out, and talking with students about the finance part of the Rich & Fit Bootcamp, I know what I’ve put into the course can have a real, positive impact on students who want to fix their financial life.

That’s what the most exciting and satisfying part of all this is. And that’s why I’m in this business to begin with. I want to help people. But more specifically, I want to help people with their money.

Learning how to properly manage my own money and build a solid financial foundation for myself and my husband has, no exaggeration, CHANGED MY LIFE.

I thought I was destined to be a starving artist, living in a spider-infested basement suite in Vancouver in a job that paid me nowhere near what I deserved.

But that’s not how my life ended up. I chose to take control of my financial future, and look where I am now. And in case you’re wondering “Where are you now?”, here’s where I’m at financially:

  • I’m debt-free aside from my mortgage (and have been for over 8 years now).
  • I’m self-employed, but am still able to save and invest for my future, and early retirement is definitely on the horizon.
  • I’m earning more now than I ever thought possible (I’m not gonna share my income yet, it’s not even half-way through the year, but I’m definitely on the path to my first 6-figure year).
  • I have everything I need, never worry about money, can afford multiple trips per year, and never feel constrained by my finances.

So that’s where I’m at, but the better question is “Where are you at?” Are you not where you want to be? That’s okay! Actually, that’s more than okay because you’re acknowledging you want to better yourself financially, and I can help you with that.

With all that being said, if you’d like to sign for my course, I highly recommend you DO IT NOW!


Because I’m offering a very special discount for a limited time only.

Special Discount for a Limited Time Only!

To get 20% off any of the Rich & Fit courses, use promo code RFMAYLAUNCH.

Rich & Fit: Fitness Foundations Banner

Rich & Fit: Fitness Foundations

But that’s not all! If you are like me, and don’t just want to conquer your finances, but also your health, fitness and wellness, then you’ll also want to sign up for Jaclyn’s Rich & Fit: Fitness Foundations course.

It is jam packed with basically everything you need to start living a healthier and fitter life TODAY. I’m talking meal plans, workouts, an entire exercise video library, worksheets, you name it, IT’S IN THERE!

Now, again, I know I’m saying this and am completely biased, but give me a minute will you? This course works. How do I know? Because I did it. I didn’t just tell Jaclyn to build a course and slap our logo onto it. I wanted to make sure it was something we’d both be proud of. So, she did the course to test it out (well, she literally lives the course since she’s a fitness coach), and I did the course too to make sure a regular gal like myself would like it, survive it and want to do it again.

It was hard though. I’m not gonna sugar-coat anything. It was DAMN hard. Getting rid of sugar in my diet? I was a on edge for a week. Exercising 4-5 times per week? My muscles have never been more sore.

But…even though there was pain, sweat and even some tears, I started seeing results. I started getting stronger. My body toned up like I was still in my 20s. I stopped craving sugar and actually got excited to eat my protein cookie as a post-workout treat. And there was more than just physical changes too. I started feeling lighter, happier and more centered. I stopped worrying about stupid stuff and felt more at peace.

It’s why, as I’m writing this right now, I’m thinking “I need to start this program over again immediately after I come back from New York!”

But don’t just take my word for it, check out all the reviews and testimonials from past students before deciding whether you want to jump in and take serious control over your fitness.

And again, if you do decide to jump, take advantage of this special discount while it lasts!

Special Discount for a Limited Time Only!

To get 20% off any of the Rich & Fit courses, use promo code RFMAYLAUNCH.

Rich & Fit Bootcamp: Join Now

Rich & Fit Bootcamp

Even though I am super pumped to talk about my two new courses above, let’s not forget where all this started from — the Rich & Fit Bootcamp.

Almost at it’s 1-year mark, me and Jaclyn Phillips launched our first ever course together called the Rich & Fit Bootcamp. It’s an intense 6 week course for anyone who wants to master their money and fitness at the same time.

Because guess what…in life you don’t just tackle your money, then set that aside, then tackle your fitness. You do both at the same time! If you want to be wealthy and healthy, you need to stick to a budget and workout regularly.

And if you want to learn how to do that, especially when you’ve already got a super busy life, then that’s what the Rich & Fit Bootcamp is for.

Here’s a video more about it.

Don’t Forget to Use Our Promo Code!

To get 20% off any of the Rich & Fit courses, use promo code RFMAYLAUNCH.

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