Something I’ve always struggled with once I hit puberty has been my weight. Growing up, I was such a sporty kid and could pretty much eat anything I wanted and never gain a pound. But all that changed once I became a teenager, and ever since then I’ve been in this constant struggle to maintain my weight, and it’s just gotten harder the older I get (and the slower my metabolism gets). 

So, when I met Jaclyn Phillips when we used to work together at the same law firm a few years ago, I thought she was so inspiring. Here’s this girl working a corporate job just like me, with long hours and demanding lawyers to deal with, and yet somehow she always figured out a way to carve out time in each day to workout.

I just didn’t know how she did it. I was exhausted all the time. The last thing I wanted to do was go to the gym and lift weights. But I knew that was really the only way to stop hating how I looked and felt. I knew I couldn’t go on some fad diet and get the long lasting results I wanted. I didn’t want to just be skinny either, I wanted to be fit and toned. And the more I got to know Jaclyn, the more I believed that if she could do it, so could I (and anyone else for that matter).

Similarly, she was just as interested in my financial background. Like me, on top of her day job she had a side hustle as an online fitness coach and personal trainer. She was starting to make more money, but she didn’t really know how to manage it properly. She felt like even though she was making more, she wasn’t saving more. And what’s the point of earning more money if it leaves your bank account just as soon as it gets in there?

We Didn’t Just Want to Help Each Other, But Also People Everywhere with the Same Struggles

That’s when we started talking about helping each other out. Each other’s weaknesses were each other’s strengths, and if I could teach Jaclyn how to create a financial plan for herself (and actually stick to it) and she could help me create a fitness plan for myself, we’d both be rocking life!

And then it dawned on us, finance and fitness are the two biggest struggles people everywhere deal with. It’s not just us, it’s literally everyone we talk to when we bring up the subjects. So, if we could help each other, let’s try to help others too! We both love to share our wisdom and and help others. After all, that’s what we both do full-time now (we both left that law firm and now run our own finance and fitness businesses)!

So, we started with a little test that took the form of the Rich & Fit 21-Day Challenge in January 2016. It was a free email course that taught students about the principles and overlaps of finance and fitness and we got over 500 people to take it with us.

With such a huge demand from our audiences to learn more, we started working on our Rich & Fit Bootcamp (our new e-course) right away. We wanted to create a course like no other (seriously, there’s nothing else like this out there), that taught students how to take control of their money and their fitness at the same time.

The reason we wanted a course that combined both subjects was because they really do work hand in hand. They follow the same principles, they need the same amount of attention, and you can’t really go with one without the other. Who wants to be fit but terrible with their money? Who wants to be rich but unhealthy and not confident in their body?

And once you learn how to apply those key financial and fitness principles into your life, you’ll realize that it’s actually not that hard to manage your money and workout and eat healthy every day. It just becomes part of your normal routine, but you’ll be happier about your financial future, you’ll feel better about your body, and ultimately you’ll have more balance in your life.

We Launched the Rich & Fit Bootcamp for the First Time this Summer, and It Was Awesome!

We first launched our Rich & Fit Bootcamp back in June 2017, and closed the doors for registration after only one week. Still, we got a number of awesome students to participate with us, and you can read some of their testimonials on our registration page.

We wrapped up the course in August, and launched once again this past September.

Today, I’m excited to share that registration for our course is now officially open!

So What Is in the Rich & Fit Bootcamp Exactly?

To learn a bit more about what the Rich & Fit Bootcamp is all about, check out this short video we recorded to kick off the launch of our course.

And to learn more and to register before the deadline, visit

Got Some Questions? We’ve Got Answers

One thing we mentioned in our video is that we’re here to chat. If you’re weighing the pros and cons of this course or just need some more info before making a decision, we’re here to help! We can go over everything with you more in-depth over email, phone or video chat. If you’d like to learn more and chat with us, contact us at

And to get a free taste of what you can expect in the course, you can also sign up for our free 5-day Rich & Fit Detox!

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