After talking about the cons on Monday, today I’ll be moving onto the pros of moving away from home. Although I will admit that moving away from home for me has been a real roller coaster of emotions (the highs are high, and the lows are low), all in all I don’t regret moving one bit.

Even if we do eventually move back home, I know the experiences that we’ll gain will have made the move worthwhile. Ok, onto the pros…

1. You can jump-start your career

The biggest reason my HB and I decided to move to away from home was so we could really jump-start our careers. The reason why we chose Toronto specifically was because it has a thriving music scene for my HB’s career, and there are a considerable amount more marketing jobs in town for me.

Now, getting your career to where you really want it after moving to a new city isn’t always easy and it does require some patience. When we first got here, I was expecting to get my dream marketing job in just a few months. Naive I know, but I’d heard so many great things about Toronto’s job market that I didn’t think it would be that hard.

Fast forward 3 months and I finally land a job that not only payed less than my previous job and was on a contract basis. Luckily, 2 months after that I was offered a permanent job with better pay at a different company, but I still haven’t arrived at my dream job destination. These things take time, so just make sure to lower your expectations a bit, take opportunities when they arise, and most importantly put yourself out there.

You never know who may lead you to your next gig.

2. You’ll never wonder “What if?”

I know for a fact that if we didn’t move and just stayed in Vancouver, I would always wonder “What if?” If there’s one thing I don’t like, it’s living with regrets.

It sure would have been easier, safer, and a hell of a lot cheaper to just stay in Vancouver, but you only live once and I want to make sure once is enough.

3. Your perspectives will change and you’ll grow as a person

It’s so crazy to think how much my HB and I have grown and changed in the 8 months we’ve been here. We’ve met knew people, experienced a different culture (yes, Toronto culture is very different than Vancouver culture), and have managed to make a home in a completely new city to us. I can’t wait for when we visit back home and can truly grasp our personal growth.

4. You’ll meet a ton of interesting people and develop new relationships

Although making new friends in a new city is never easy and does take time, when you do build those friendships, it’s actually really exciting. When you’re stuck in your bubble at home, sometimes the world can seem so small.

That’s exactly how I felt just before I left. I felt like every new person I met was somehow linked to someone I already knew (talk about six degrees of separation!).

At first it was daunting to come here and only have a few acquaintances to call up, but over the past few months it’s actually been really cool finding out the backgrounds of new people and listening to their stories.

5. You’ll appreciate your hometown more when you go back

This may not always be the case, but for me I’ve never appreciated the rainy weather, relaxed attitude, and gorgeous scenery of Vancouver more than I have this winter. To be fair, this winter in Toronto has been abnormally brutal (just my luck right?), but I just can’t believe how people here just cope with it like it’s no big deal!

I went for a ten minute walk outside last night and when I got back inside I couldn’t really feel my tongue. I’d take being wet and feeling my face over being dry and not feeling my face any day.

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