**Update: After only 5 days, tickets are sold out!**

Around this time last year, I got the crazy idea to do something totally outside my comfort zone — organize a large-scale event, called the Millennial Money Meetup, to promote financial literacy in my community.

I love writing about personal finance on my blog and sharing inspirational money stories on my podcast, but those are both online. We are so fortunate that info about money management is so accessible these days, but it’s not the compound interest calculators or budget spreadsheets out there that get me excited about personal finance — it’s the people.

I’ve been part of this personal finance community, that spans from Canada, the U.S. all the way to New Zealand, for over 5 years now. I’ve made lifelong friends online who love to talk about money just as much as I do. And many of those online friendships I’ve been able to take offline, which is big reason why I founded the Millennial Money Meetup last September.

I wanted to take the conversation offline so we could all talk about budgeting, saving, debt, investing and homeownership face-to-face. And the best way to do that was to make a game plan, get funding from a sponsor, and throw a huge free event where people could come to learn, network and feel like they aren’t alone in navigating the up-and-down world of personal finance.

Last year’s event was a massive success. I was able to organize the whole event in only one month, and tickets were snatched up within only two weeks. With around 140 attendees, it was the coolest thing to see people congregate, network and make new friends who are open to talking about money with each other.

A Look at Last Year’s Millennial Money Meetup

Here’s last year’s panel discussion to give you an idea of what went down at the first Millennial Money Meetup.

When’s the Next Millennial Money Meetup?

I wanted to make this event a regular thing, but with quitting my 9 to 5 to start my own business, it took me up until now to find another sponsor (thanks Meridian Credit Union), find a venue and set a date.

So now, I’m very excited to share that the next Millennial Money Meetup will be taking place at 918 Bathurst in Toronto on Tuesday, May 23. Doors will open at 6:30 pm, and aside from this event being completely free, it will also include drinks, food and a contest!

Tickets became available May 3 and half of them have already be spoken for. But I want to make sure everyone who wants to come can come, so I highly suggest you grab your seat before tickets are all gone.

What’s the Topic for This Event?

Last time, the topic was key things millennials need to know about personal finance, but this next event will focus on homeownership specifically. Buying a home is a hot topic amongst millennials right now, probably because it seems like an impossibility in this crazy real estate market.

This topic is very close to home for me too, as I started my house hunt 3 years ago. It wasn’t until this summer that finally bought my first place, but during that time I did a ton of research and know way more about homeownership, mortgages, property taxes and the like than I ever thought I would.

But it’s not just me who will be talking at this event. I’ll be joined by a stellar line-up of speakers that include Penelope Graham (Managing Editor, Zoocasa), Jelani Smith (Finance Blogger at Bay Street Blog), Heather O’Hare (Mortgage Specialist, Meridian Credit Union), and Lesli Gaynor (Realtor, GOCOSolutions).

How Can I Get Involved?

First, if you are able to make the live event, claim your ticket at millennialmoneymeetup.com before they’re all gone.

If they are all gone by the time you register, or you don’t live anywhere near Toronto, that’s okay too. Just like last time, I’ll be live streaming the event on my Facebook page starting at 7pm EST on the day of the event so you can join us from your living room!

Got Any Suggestions on What the Next Topic Should Be?

I’m hoping to do way more Millennial Money Meetups, and I always appreciate suggestions on what future events should focus on. Let me know in the comments or email me your ideas!