Updated: This event is over, but the next Millennial Money Meetup will be happening very soon! For more details, visit millennialmoneymeetup.com.

I’ve gotten so many emails and enquiries over the past few months about whether I’ll ever host a Millennial Money Meetup outside of Toronto, and now I’m super excited to share that YES, I WILL! And not only that, I’ll be hosting it in my hometown of Vancouver on Monday, Sept. 18 with one of my favourite people Cait Flanders!

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I’m seriously so excited to be hosting this event because the first two meetups I’ve done, the first in September 2016 and the second in May 2017, were such smash successes (if I do say so myself). People from all around the city came together to nerd it out with me and a panel of guests to learn and talk money in a one-of-a-kind event and it was basically a money nerd’s dream.

To view my last two events, check out the videos below ↓

Millennial Money Meetup #1 – Sept. 2016

Millennial Money Meetup #2 – May 2017

And to think, this time last year as I was planning my first ever event, I was worried no one would care or show up. It just goes to show the power of taking risks in life! Sometimes taking risks could mean utter fairly, and other times it could mean doing something totally unexpected and awesome!

I hope to do another Millennial Money Meetup in Toronto soon (hopefully this fall, sign up to my email list to find out first), but I am really looking forward to hosting this event for the first time in my hometown of Vancouver. And to have my good friend Cait Flanders join me, well, we are going to have the best time ever!

Why This Meetup Will Be Different Than the Last Two

So, this event is actually going to be a little bit different than my previous two. From the feedback I’ve gotten, and honestly this was on my mind too, I’ve altered the event so it’s actually way smaller and will be a paid event.

First, why did I want to make it smaller if it’s all about creating community? Because at a certain point when there’s too many people, you lose that community feeling. I want this meetup (and those moving forward) to feel more intimate, so everyone feels more comfortable mixing and mingling with other attendees as well as myself and any special guests.

Second, why am I charging for this event when my other two events were free? It’s simple…I want people to show up who say they’re going to. Both events I’ve done so far have sold out and I’ve even had to make a waiting list. But unfortunately, a number of people who registered and said they were coming didn’t show, meaning all those people who wanted a ticket but weren’t quick enough weren’t able to come. And that’s some bull**** I don’t want to deal with anymore.

I want everyone who registers to come, and the incentive for coming now is that they’ve spent their hard-earned money on a ticket. But, since I still want to make it an affordable event, I’m not charging near as much as I should.

Instead of charging $25-$30, I’m charging only $10 per ticket. And a big reason for this is because I want people who live in the crazy expensive city of Vancouver to be able to afford a ticket without feeling like it hurts their budget too much. That and I got EQ Bank to come on board as a sponsor once again. Thanks EQ Bank, you’re the best!

What You Can Expect at This Meetup

So, first and foremost and I want this to be a true meetup. That means that the first hour will include free drinks, appetizers and a heck of a lot of mixing and mingling. I want everyone to come together, network and break out of their introvert shells (I’ve got one too, being an introvert is no excuse not to mingle!).

Then, we’ll dive into a fun interview with myself and Cait that I’ll livestream to Facebook and record for an episode of the Mo’ Money Podcast. The theme will be about shopping bans, minimalism and conscious consumption which I’m so excited to talk to her about.

And if you’re currently out of the loop, Cait is coming out with a book very soon called The Year of Less and you can pre-order it right now on Amazon. And yes, you better believe I’ll be doing a future book club of her book when it comes out so get ready for that.

Once we’ve wrapped up our 30-minute chat, we’ll open up the floor so anyone in attendance (and watching us on Facebook) can ask us anything live!

How You Can Get Tickets

Since this will be a smaller event, I’m only releasing 50 tickets. So if you want them, you better get ’em while they’re available. My last event sold out in 5 days so I’m not just saying that!

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So on that note, I hope to see you there! I can’t wait to be in Vancouver again, and I especially can’t wait to talk money with my favourite money nerd Vancouverites!