The doors are closing...

You read that right.

After 2 years of running my Investing Foundations for Canadians course, I've made the decision to close the doors to new students on Dec. 1, 2020.

Why you ask?

For a very good reason actually. I'm going to be revamping and relaunching the course to be the best damn investing course for Canadians in the New Year!

The overwhelming feedback I've been getting from students is they love it...but they wish it included some more practical how-to lessons on how to actually get started investing. Like what are robo-advisors all about and how to choose one? How do you invest in asset-allocation ETFs? How do you build an ETF portfolio from scratch? How do even open a discount brokerage account and place a trade? And can you show everything with video tutorials of you doing it with real money.

The people have spoken, so I'm closing the doors of this course to get ready for its rebirth!

With all that said, you can still enroll in Investing Foundations for Canadians now, and here's a good reason why you should.

You'll gain automatic access to my new course when it launches in the New Year...at this course's current price. I'll be significantly increasing the price of the new and improved course, so you'll be getting a great deal.

For any questions about all this, feel free to email me at jessica@jessicamoorhouse.com.

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Jessica Moorhouse Public Speaking

I’m a personal finance expert, Accredited Financial Counsellor Canada®, speaker, podcaster and founder of the Millennial Money Meetup®. I've also completed the Canadian Securities Course®.

Basically, I’m a huge money nerd. I eat, sleep and breathe personal finance because it’s really not about calculations or even dollars and cents. Personal finance and taking control of your money means freedom, opportunity and choice. And when I learned all that as I was struggling to stay afloat in my early 20s, I was hooked.  

Even though I've pretty much always been fascinated by money, I sure as hell wasn’t born rich. I came from a very frugal middle class family who didn’t have a lot but did the best with what they had. Because of that, from an early age I learned how important it was to not go into debt and live within your means (and that advice itself is priceless!).  

Still, I couldn’t help but want more. I didn’t always want to live on a strict budget. I wanted to be able to travel, buy my own house one day and maybe even retire early.  

So, once I graduated from university, I started reading every personal finance book and blog out there. Eventually, I was inspired enough to start my own blog, and then podcast.  

Now, 8 years later, my full-time job is to educate others about personal finance through my blog, podcast, videos and events.  

Understanding how to manage my money, and grow my wealth through investing, literally changed my life. When I graduated university (with a film degree no less), I thought I was destined to be a starving artist for the rest of my life. Instead, I decided to take control of my money, not let money control me.  

If you want to take control of your financial future too, read on to learn how Investing Foundations for Canadians is what you've always been looking for.

what students are saying

The course you didn't know you needed!

"I would highly recommend this course! Everyone should have a basic understanding of finances and investing and this course does just that. Jessica does a great job breaking down terms and concepts so they are easy to understand and digest. She's so knowledgeable and also includes links to great resources. If you're thinking of purchasing, just do it! You'll thank yourself later for investing in yourself! Thank you Jessica for creating this!"

- Taylor Hornbeck (Ontario, Canada)

Really great course!

"This course was so well designed and was presented in a logical and easy to understand order. I am going to recommend it to anyone who is looking to learn more about investing!"

- Brian Rump (Ontario, Canada)

Highly recommended (for Americans too)

"Although this course is designed for Canadians, I am American and able to relate to almost all of it! For anyone who is new with investing, this course breaks it down to make your next financial step easier."

- Bridgett Bisceglia (Massachusetts, USA)

Absolutely fantastic course!

"This is an absolutely fantastic course! If I may make one recommendation, incorporating more visuals in the video presentations and graphs without making it "flashy" would go a long way. I'm a VERY visual learner and I wouldn't have gotten through the course if you didn't have the video presentations, but I found they even had a lot of text in them. That's about the only thing that stuck out to me the most."

- Nicholas Blackwell (Ontario, Canada)

Very good course

"I've been listening to Jessica's podcast and I initially started because I wanted to get into investing. Once I found out she had a course I was very interested. I'm glad I took the course because it gave me the confidence to invest. It gave me the confidence to want more for my family."

- Daniel Madden (Alberta, Canada)

Excellent course to understand investing for novices

"Overall, this course is well laid out. I do recommend this course for starters. I wish I was exposed to this or these kinds of courses when I landed in Canada in 2002. My financial life would have been far better than what it is now - that's for sure :-)"

- Sandeep Tanjor (Alberta, Canada)

Great course - highly recommend!

"I highly recommend this course! This course contains all the knowledge bombs you need to demystify the world of finance and investing. Before I started the course, I had basically ZERO knowledge of how the stock market, finance and investing works. It was all just so overwhelming. Jessica's content is well researched, factual, non-biased and delivered in very clear and concise nuggets of information.

If you are like me and just want to understand how it all works and maybe start investing your money too, then this course is for you!"

- Robert Walsh (Ontario, Canada)

Solid foundation to start from!

"During the past six months I have slowly been piecing together the knowledge I need to feel confident about investing. I wish I was aware of this course from the very beginning as it provides a solid foundation to understanding the basics of investing in Canada, and also offers a ton of valuable resources to continue learning once you finish the course. Jessica describes all of the content in plain terms, and breaks down the financial jargon so it is easy to understand. I highly recommend this course if you are a beginner like myself, and want to learn more information about common types of investments, accounts, and strategies to get you started, headache free. Thanks Jessica!"

- Kellen Spender (Alberta, Canada)

I loved this course!

"I signed up for this course to get a clearer picture of financial stuff and I definitely got that. I am a 50-year-old nurse who has let my husband do the bulk of the financial planning over the course of my life. He has been great, but I felt like it was time I learned about it all myself. This course gave me a great overall understanding of the terminology used and the concepts in the financial world. I feel much more confident! I even felt brave enough to start investing with a robo-advisor."

- Bonnie Sydora (British Columbia, Canada)

Motivated to take action!

"Jessica's course dusts off what we thought we knew about investing and gives a deeper understanding of many of the terms that are thrown around when talk around the water cooler turns to investing and retirement savings. I feel more confident now to take some action around my current investments and make more educated decisions going forward. Highly recommended! "

- Penny Helstrom (Manitoba, Canada)

Highly recommend

"Fantastic! Thank you, Jessica. This course provided the perfect foundation for me to start doing some research and asking the right questions when it comes to investing."

- Emma Taylor-Isherwood (Ontario, Canada)

Great course for beginners!

"The Investing Foundations for Canadians course was very informative and a great course for beginners like me! I would highly recommend this course to everyone!"

- Sarah Greening (Saskatchewan, Canada)

Great foundational investment course!

"This is a very well-designed foundational investment course. It's comprehensive, thorough, and well-delivered. It's a great starter course for novices and offers a great many resources so that students can continue to learn more about investment."

- Cecilia Cheung (British Columbia, Canada)

I feel so much better!

"This course is great for beginners! I've known for years that I needed to start investing yesterday, but not understanding the different investing products and mechanics of investing kept holding me back. Taking this course helped me understand the different ways I could invest for different goals and I feel so much better about moving forward without being completely clueless!"

- Heather Currie (Saskatchewan, Canada)

what you'll learn

getting started

  • Welcome
  • How to Navigate the Course Platform
  • Important Course Info
  • Bulletin Board

what to know before you invest

  • How to Set Up a Solid Financial Foundation First
  • Financial Foundation Starter Kit
  • Should You Invest If You're in Debt?
  • Why You're Afraid to Start Investing
  • Quiz #1

investment products

  • What Does Investing Actually Mean?
  • Different Types of Investment Products
  • Stocks
  • Bonds
  • Stock Market & Bond Market
  • Tracking & Beating the Market
  • Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GIC)
  • Mutual Funds
  • Index Funds
  • Exchange-Traded Funds (ETF)
  • What Is an Investment Portfolio?
  • Quiz #2

investment accounts

  • Different Types of Investment Accounts
  • Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA)
  • Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP)
  • Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP)
  • Taxable Account
  • What Investments to Hold in Each Type of Account
  • Quiz #3

investing mechanics

  • Understanding the Mechanics of Investing
  • Key Investing Terms & Practices
  • Different Ways to Invest Your Money
  • Investment Fees
  • Why You Should Start Investing ASAP for Your Long-Term Goals
  • Quiz #4

investment planning

  • What Is an Investment Plan?
  • Understanding Risk
  • Determining Your Personal Risk Tolerance
  • Why Diversification Is So Important
  • Asset Allocation & Investment Goals
  • How to Make an Investment Plan

BONUS: how to plan for retirement

  • Defining Your Retirement
  • How to Fund Your Retirement
  • Calculating How Much You Need for Retirement

credits & resources

  • Bibliography
  • Additional Resources
  • Frequently Asked Questions

next steps

  • Congrats, You Did It!
  • Become an Affiliate

what you'll get

49 Lessons

35 Videos

5 Worksheets

4 Quizzes

3 big bonuses!

I want to make sure you get as much out of this course as humanly possible, which is why on top of all the awesome lessons and materials you’ll get in the course, I'm also offering 3 amazing bonuses!

retirement module

Once you've finished learning the foundations of investing, there's a BONUS module all about planning for your retirement you won't want to skip! 

lifetime access

That’s right, as soon as you enroll in the course, you’ll be granted lifetime access to the course. That means you’ll never be kicked out and can do the course whenever you want, as often as you want.

continual updates

On top of lifetime access, you’ll also benefit from any updates and improvements made to the course, so you’ll always have the latest version.

who is this course for?

Whether you're a beginner who has hardly any investing knowledge, or you have some knowledge but want to gain a better understanding of the terms and concepts of investing Canada, this course is for you!

I go through all the important aspects of investing in Canada, like different investment products and accounts, so you can gain clarity, build your financial confidence, and know what questions to ask and what steps to take next to invest for your goals the way you want.

who is this course not for?

If you're an experienced or advanced investor who already knows the ins-and-outs of investing, you may already know most of what's taught in this course. Just take a look at the lessons outlined above. If you already know what an ETF is, how to determine your risk tolerance, and how to rebalance your portfolio, this course is not for you.

This course is a foundational course, meaning it's meant to help those who don't have much or any investing knowledge but want to change that. If you're well-versed in day-trading or are a DIY investor, you're too advanced for this course.

This course is also geared towards pre-retirement investors. This is aimed to help investors plan for their future financial goals, like retirement, but it doesn't include any significant information for investors already in retirement.


Why should I learn about investing from you?

Great question! To give you some background, I'm an Accredited Financial Counsellor Canada® and have taken numerous in-depth investing courses through the Canadian Securities Institute. I'm also working towards my Personal Financial Planner® designation. 

All in all, I've not only spent hundreds of hours, but over 3 years studying the topic of investing in Canada. Moreover, the content in this course is heavily researched, with all my references and sources listed in the course's bibliography. 

Lastly, this course has been reviewed by a group of beta-testers with various financial backgrounds to ensure all information is accurate and helpful.

Do you offer investing advice?

No, I do not. I am not an investment advisor or portfolio manager, and will not provide any specific advice. Everything in this course is for educational purposes only. Needless to say, I won't be liable for any investing decisions you make after purchasing the course.

How long will I have access to the course?

Forever, or until I decide to shut it down sometime in the future. In other words, you'll have access to this course for as long as it exists so you can work through it at your own pace.

Is the listed course price what I'll end up paying at checkout?

You bet it is! All of my courses are priced in Canadian dollars and include sales tax. What you see is what you'll pay.

I want to tell my friends/family/audience about this course. Is there an affiliate program?

Yes there is! All students are eligible to become affiliates after purchasing and completing the course. More information about my affiliate program will be available in the course.

Do you offer refunds?

Yes! If you buy this course and it doesn't meet your expectations, you have the option to request a refund within 7 days of purchase. Please refer to my Refund Policy for more info on refunds.

I've got a specific question, who should I contact?

You can contact me, Jessica Moorhouse, the course instructor. Email me directly at jessica@jessicamoorhouse.com.

What are some other things I should be aware of before signing up?

Please make sure you read the Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy and Refund Policy before enrolling in the course.

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