A straight up miracle happened yesterday! I was able to convince my wonderful, though somewhat camera-shy, husband to do a video with me. I thought this would be the perfect way to do a follow-up on last week’s post on what to do when you make more than your partner

I Hope This Video Clarifies Things a Bit?

So basically we’ve got a very simple system in place, and it works for where we’re at in life right now. I definitely do think Josh and I will be figuring out a more specific plan for retirement.

We’ve never actually talked about when we hope to retire, how much we’re saving individually or whether we plan on retiring at the same age. Definitely something we’ll be chatting about at our next semi-regular budget meeting.

Although this System Works, We May Change It in the Future

One thing we also touched on that I know we’ll be talking about more seriously in the future is combining our finances when we start a family. At this point, This works for us! Why my husband and I don't combine our finances and what might change in the future.we don’t have any plans to start a family since we’re very focused on our careers, but who knows what the future holds. We’re only 30 and 31, so we’ve still got a few years to figure that all out.

But if we were to have a family, we have discussed at length our plan for me to continue working and Josh to stay at home with the kids. Daycare is just so expensive, and honestly I hated daycare as a kid.

I only had to go a handful of times because my mom stayed at home for most of my childhood, but I really didn’t like it. I know it’s become the norm, but if there’s a way one of us can stay home with the kids until they’re old enough to go to school, that’s what we’re gonna try to do.

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