How much should you spend on office clothes? That’s the big question, especially after you’ve just gotten a new job with a new dress code. 

It can be a really fun thing to go shopping after getting a new job. It’s always nice to reward yourself with some new duds and to make a good first impression with your new co-workers.

That being said, in my experience it’s less fun and expensive. You see, for the past 4 years I’ve worked jobs where the dress code was jeans and a t-shirt. No joke, I used to always envy people who got to dress business casual for their work. And if I dressed up even a little but at any of these old jobs, people would ask me jokingly how my job interview went that morning.

Now, obviously you don’t want to end up blowing your first pay cheque on new clothing for your new job (seems a bit counter-productive doesn’t it?), so I’ve looked into what a reasonable amount of money to invest in office attire is for any of you job seekers out there.

Back in 2011 The Huffington Post reported that the national average for spending on work clothing in the U.S. was $142.08/month so I’m going to assume it’s something similar for 2013. Personally, that seems pretty high to me.

Then again I’ve never been a big clothes shopper. I think my average yearly wardrobe budget is about $300 – $400, so spending even a fraction of that each month just seems crazy to me.

That being said, sometimes you’ve got just suck it up, and spend some money on a nice suit jacket and heels. As long as you stick with the classics, you’ll be just fine. Dress for success right?

What do you spend or think is a reasonable amount to spend on work attire?

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