This Is What Happens When We Invest in Our Country’s Youth

This post is sponsored by RBC. All views and opinions expressed represent my own.

Did you know that this coming Canada Day (July 1, 2017) will mark Canada’s 150th anniversary?

To celebrate this momentous occasion, RBC is doing something really special to put a spotlight on how far our country has come and how far it can go by supporting today’s youth.

They’re calling it #Make150Count, a huge campaign leading up to Canada Day focused on giving youth a chance to do something positive and pay it forward.

What Is #Make150Count?

What this campaign involves is RBC employees selecting thousands of young Canadians and giving them $150 to do something good for their community. The idea behind this is to remind all of us that when we invest in youth, amazing things can happen.

The youth that participated were also asked to take photos or make a video of their experience, and here are some of my favourites! Get ready to feel all the feels (I won’t lie, I got a bit teary-eyed watching all of them)!

Nazifa from Calgary, Alberta Helped a Soon-to-Be Mother in Need

Tahmina from Scarborough, Ontario Donated School Supplies to Syrian Refugees

Sayan from Toronto, Ontario Promoted Better Food Choices in His Community

Molly from Orangeville, Ontario Donated Groceries to Choices Youth Shelter

Want to Get Involved?

To see more of what other youth participants are doing to give back, just check out the hashtag #Make150Count on Twitter. And if you’d like to find out how to get involved and participate yourself, you can apply at (must be aged 16-25 to qualify).

Why This Really Hits Home for Me

A big reason why this campaign means a lot to me is two fold.

First off, with everything that’s been going on in the world lately, if there was ever a time to spread love, community and positivity — this is it.

Secondly, I truly believe that supporting young Canadians and believing in their capabilities is the only way to make Canada the best country it can be.

It wasn’t that long ago that I was considered a youth and had aspirations of making the world a better place. But being young, I also felt powerless. I didn’t have any money, I didn’t have any resources, and I wasn’t sure how I could make a difference just being one person on my own.

Here’s the thing, giving back isn’t about making a big splash. It’s about causing a ripple effect. When you do something good to make someone else’s life better, that person will feel a natural urge to do the same. Positivity is infectious, and when we all do one small gesture, combined those small gestures turn into a big impact.

This campaign has definitely inspired me to take action and to put a bigger focus on giving back. Now that I’m self-employed, I have more time to dedicate to making a difference and I think helping youth is exactly where I should start.

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