Happy Monday and last day of Labour Day! I hope you all have been enjoying your weekends so far. I love 3-day weekends. I always find that that third day really does help me when it comes to getting stuff done and really relaxing.  Though there hasn’t been a ton of relaxing happening this weekend. Josh has been at the studio working on his freelance projects every day and I’ve been busy getting stuff together for my website’s rebrand.

Speaking of my rebrand, as fate would have it right after I announced that I would be saying goodbye to Mo’ Money Mo’ Houses, I was nominated for a Plutus Award for Best Canadian Personal Finance Blog.

The Plutus Awards are the awards given out every year at FinCon and people are nominated based on how many votes they get. I did try to rally some support on social media and put a little widget on my blog’s sidebar, but I honestly didn’t think I would actually get nominated.

I was honestly in complete shock when I got the email about it. I was like “Who the heck voted for me?” There are so many bigger Canadian personal finance blogs out there, I was just stunned that people voted for me (so a big thank you to any one of you readers who voted!).

Also, last year when I did attend FinCon, I remember being at the Plutus Awards ceremony on the last day of the conference. I was sitting with Cait from Blonde on a Budget (who was nominated for that award last year and again this year) and Carrie from Careful Cents.

I really thought Cait would win because her blog is one of my favourites, but Tom Drake from Canadian Finance Blog ended up winning. My money’s on Cait for this year though (though I wouldn’t not accept the award if I won).

Actually, I’d be happy for all of my fellow nominees if they won because they are honestly doing some great things on their blogs (Plunged in Debt, Canadian Budget Binder and Million Dollar Journey). We Canadian bloggers rock!

Since I won’t be attending the conference this year, I’m excited to find out all the details from the bloggers I’m friends with who will be there. I’m definitely planning on going next year (fingers crossed it’s in a cool city!), and I think I’ll be even more confident promoting my website and podcast after my rebrand is complete.

I know I’ve mentioned this rebrand several times already, but you know when you come up with a new idea and it’s literally the only thing you can think about? I’m seriously dreaming about it at night. It’s what excites me in the morning every day.

I’ve got so many ideas of what I want to do (including launching some more interactive programs so you and me can…well, interact more). I’ve made a work-back schedule so I can stay on track, I’m in conversations with designers and photographers so I can get a new logo and some professional photos.

I’ve already got a WordPress theme picked out and I’ve already nailed down my new brands name (which I will reveal in the coming months, though I doubt it will be a shocker).

With all of this going on, I would love to get your feedback. I’d love to find out what you like about my current site, what you hate about it, and what you would like to get out of an online personal finance resource.

Do you want more helpful how-to blog posts or videos? Do you want some Q&A posts where you write in to me and I try to help you with your money dilemma? Let me know either in the comments or feel free to shoot me an email or Tweet me!

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