Today I’ll be talking about how you can do like me and spend almost nothing on furnishing your first place. Four words: IKEA, Winners, Craigslist, Facebook.  I got my bed frame, bedding, lamps, plates, bowls and glassware from IKEA. I got a lot of my cookware and wall decorations from Winners. I got bookcases, a couch, a kitchen table and chairs and a coffee table from Craigslist, and I got a futon for free from a friend by spreading the word on Facebook. I’d say I spent less than $800 on everything.

Keep Costs Down via Your Social Network

Now, it did help that I had a roommate who owned a microwave and a coffee maker, and then when I moved in with my BF he already owned all the appliances we needed. I also have this awesome friend from work who has given me a living room rug, some pots and pans and our current leather couch all for free because she needed to get rid of them.

Basically, it’s always a good idea to make sure you spread the word at work and within your social circle that you are looking for some furniture. You never know if someone just so happens to be trying to get rid of something you are looking for.

Save Money By Going Without the Non-Essentials

Another thing to consider is that even though you might get into a bit of a shopping mode when looking to furnish your place, don’t go overboard. Just because a store has it, doesn’t mean you can’t live comfortably without it.

This may be a true testament to how cheap I am, but I lived without a toaster for almost an entire year because neither my roommate nor I wanted to spend the money to buy one. I know it’s ridiculous considering you can buy one at London Drugs or Walmart for like $20, but I didn’t die because I couldn’t make toast. I adjusted to a toast-free lifestyle and I was fine with it.

One appliance I will suggest getting though is a slow cooker. You can get a good one from Costco for $60 and that baby will pay for itself from all the delicious stews, roasts, and soups you’ll be making. I seriously love my slow cooker!

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