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Are you looking to get a better sense of direction with your finances? Do you feel like you have no idea where your money is going? Do you have a ton of debt and finally want to get started doing something about it? Are looking to craft a financial plan, but don’t want to deal with some suit in an office?

That’s why I’m here! I’m an Accredited Financial Counsellor Canada®, certified by AFCPE® and OACCS®, and I want to help you get your financial life together with my financial counselling program. For a full list of my experience and credentials, check out my LinkedIn and media mentions page.

To see what past clients are saying about working with me, check out the testimonials below.

*UPDATE: I’m currently not taking on any new clients and won’t be until at least 2021. To find out if and when I do start taking on new clients, please sign up to my waiting list. Otherwise, consider taking one of my courses or feel free to check out my list of fee-only financial planners on my recommendations page.

what clients are saying

  • I 100% recommend working with Jessica if you're like me: caught up on Jessica's podcast, tired of reading personal finance books, and ready to step up your finances with an accredited financial counsellor. After years of confusion around budgets and goals, I now have a clear flow chart for all money coming in and going out and a new and improved way to track spending and my net worth. I know my short, intermediate, and long-term goals and what to save every month to make them happen by a specific time. I know what I can spend and what I want to spend money on. I am (was?) an underspender, so this is huge! I also switched bank accounts to ones with higher interest and no fees and I can't wait to take Jessica's investing course to expand my knowledge (and account balances). Working with Jessica is definitely worth the investment.

    Shimona Hirchberg Toronto, Ontario
  • Thank you for teaching me so much about personal finance — my only wish is that I would have discovered your amazing podcasts and made the call to work with you sooner! I never thought I could live a debt-free life but you have given me the confidence, knowledge and tools to envision that life for myself — namely the snowball method to paying off debt and how much sense it makes to me! I believe that knowledge is power and when you know better than you do better. You have helped me develop a clear plan about how I’m going to tackle my debts and just having a plan makes me feel more secure about my financial future.

    Julia Hill London, Ontario
  • As a recent graduate facing student loans and a new job, Jessica's expertise was invaluable in helping me plan for my financial future. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking for expertise on managing debt, planning for retirement, and setting yourself up for financial success.

    Shannon Hazlett Calgary, Alberta
  • I'm so glad I made the decision to work with Jessica. I wanted more clarity on my finances, and to be able to put a structure in place to plan for the coming year. I got all that and more. I'm confident that our session together has provided me with invaluable information that I can take with me into the future for years to come. I highly recommend working with Jessica if you're looking for a financial plan and/or better understanding of your finances. I've already put some of what we worked on in action and I feel more on track. I also love her podcasts and a lot of her content, super inspiring! Thank you, Jessica!

    Mary Wales Toronto, Ontario
  • I highly recommend Jessica for financial counselling. It was one of the best decisions I’ve made in life. I was OK with my finances, but I knew I need another pair of eyes (and with an excellent knowledge of financial management) to help me to plow through my challenges and to prepare for the future for short and intermediate goals. I always feel relieved and happy after each session with Jessica, leaving me with more confidence in my financial health and reaching our goals. I changed our approach to finances significantly and it made a difference in how we’re tracking, budgeting, saving, investing and spending. She is positive and upbeat, never worry about being judged, she is there to support you. In addition, she is tech-savvy, she makes her resources valuable and easy to use. Thank you Jessica for making a difference in our life!

    Katie Kilmartin Toronto, Ontario
  • From the moment I began working with Jessica, I knew I had made the right decision to sign up for some financial counselling. In an age where there are so many financial pressures, it can be very overwhelming to even know where to start when trying to figure out your current and desired financial situation. Jessica really took the time to understand my background, lifestyle, habits and financial goals before providing an opinion and mapping out an achievable plan moving forward in line with my goals. Jessica is super passionate and knowledgeable on all things personal finance and has been kind enough to invite me to some of her talks and events — all of which I found super well organized and insightful. Now that my program is complete, I feel that I have a solid understanding of what I need to do to live a more financially sound life moving forward.

    Robert Walsh Toronto, Ontario
  • Do you wish you had a better budgeting system? Not sure what a cash flow framework is? Want financial support from someone who is kind, funny, and won't try to sell you every other moment? You need Jessica Moorhouse! I will be forever grateful for this experience. I now have an amazing budgeting template, resources, and a completely new cash flow system that allows me to understand exactly where my money is going and save effectively for the future. Beyond her financial knowledge and experience, Jessica is truly amazing to work with. I felt immediately comfortable to share my financial history, my concerns around the financial institution I was banking with, and my personal goals for the future.

    Dubinia Nieforth Toronto, ON
  • Jess goes above and beyond to educate, support and keep you accountable in your personal finance journey. She helped me reach goals quicker than I anticipated and together we created a customized framework to make it easy to achieve success long after our sessions. She recommends great Canadian resources (books, direct links to articles and websites) for students interested in learning more outside of the 1-on-1 sessions. What surprised me most is the work she did in between sessions, she was constantly looking for ways to make me more successful; the follow up after our meetings was incredibly valuable. She is smart and hard-working, regardless of where you are in your personal finance journey--it is worth the investment.

    Michelle McLennan Toronto, ON

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