[Ep. 174] Why You Need a F*** Off Fund with Paulette Perhach

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Before you even listen to this episode of the show, please read my guest Paulette Perhach’s article that went mega-viral — A Story of a Fuck Off Fund. As I mention in this episode, I had a very emotional reaction to her article. It was just such an amazing visual story of why we all need to take care of ourselves by having an emergency fund, so I highly recommend you read it, then listen to our chat together. I know myself and any other personal finance experts out there talk about the importance of having an emergency fund all the time, but her story really can show you how it can be a life-changer.

Besides having an article that went viral, Paulette is also the new author of the book Welcome to the Writer’s Life. She writes for all kinds of major publications like the New York Times, Elle and Cosmo, and she knows first-hand how difficult it is to crack into this business as a new writer. So, if you’ve ever thought about being a professional writer, this is literally the playbook on how to get started!

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It’s not easy being a writer and making a living, but Paulette isn’t just a writer, she’s also delving into the world of entrepreneurship. She is now a writing coach, has a course and sells her own merchandise.

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