At the end of this month, me and the HB will have been living in Toronto for 8 full months! I know it sounds strange, but the time has both flown by and dragged on. It could have something to do with it being minus 20 degrees since November, but then again the heat in the summer wasn’t much better either.Β Since I started blogging about our big move from Vancouver to Toronto, I’ve gotten a few emails from readers asking what it’s been like, and most importantly, what the real pros and cons of moving away from home are. Today I’m going to go through some of the cons of moving away that you may not think about (I sure as hell didn’t), and on Wednesday I’ll talk about all the pros. Ok, let’s get to it!

1. Your hair and skin may never be the same

That’s right, depending on where you’re moving to (or from) you may experience quite a few unfortunate physical changes. For example, since I’ve been here my hair has been as dry as straw and incredibly hard to manage.

I’ve tried everything to fix it, but no matter what conditioner or shampoo I try, the build up gets so bad I’m forced to wash my hair with baking soda at least once a month. I even bought a filter for our shower head but it still hasn’t helped much. What’s more is my skin has been incredibly dry since we got here.

I have to moisturize my face and hands everyday otherwise they’ll start to flake, whereas I never had to use anything to keep my skin hydrated back home.

2. You may experience some insane weather

This may just be an issue for West Coasters like me who only know two types of weather (raining or not raining), but it sure was a shock to the system to experience such extreme heat in the summer and even more extreme cold in the winter.

I mean since I’ve been here I’ve experienced a flash flood, heat wave, ice storm, and frost quakes! Looking back, I don’t know why I ever complained about it being cold outside when it was only 5 degrees outside. The shame!

3. The only Pad Thai you’ll be able to find will taste like spaghetti in ketchup

We’ve tried 4 different Thai places in Toronto, and still not one restaurant can make a decent Pad Thai dish! And what’s with this red tomato sauce business? There are no tomatoes in Pad Thai! Pad Thai should not be covered in weird red sauce! What gives?

4. The holidays will be the worst

At first, the idea of staying in Toronto over the holidays was kind of exciting. We could sleep in, relax, and for the first time ever go to the movie theatre on Christmas day. In reality, it was fun for about 5 minutes, but then the homesickness kicked in and we were pretty much miserable.

And when it came to New Years, it was basically the same thing. We relaxed, went to see another movie at the theatre, had some dinner and drinks, and were in bed before midnight. Not making that mistake again. This year we’re booking out tickets home well in advance.

5. Your vacation days won’t be spent on vacations anymore

When we got to Toronto, I was so excited for all the places we could visit now that we were so close to the East Coast. New York is only a 2 hour flight away, and Montreal is only about a 6 hour drive from our place.

Luckily I have 3 weeks vacation with my job, but even still most of those days will be gobbled up by our trip back home in the spring, then another trip next Christmas. I did the math and we’ll probably only have about 5 vacation days to use on any other trips.

Looks like any of my plans to fly to Europe will have to wait.

6. No one will know (or care) what you’re talking about when you reference your hometown

It could be because I’ve never lived anywhere else before, but I keep catching myself comparing Toronto to Vancouver with whoever I talk to. It still boggles my mind how different these two seemingly similar cities are, but what’s even more interesting is how no one really gives a f***.

I mean, they’ll think it’s fascinating for a minute or two, but then they’ll secretly what you to shut up about it because things like the Skytrain, East Van, and Science World will mean absolutely nothing to them.

7. Moving back home will not be fun (or cheap)

I’ve probably mentioned this once or twice before, but over the past few months I’ve realized that when it comes to setting down roots, I know in my gut that Vancouver will be the place to do it. Again, I can’t predict what will happen in the next few years, but I just can’t imagine starting a family of my own in a different province than my parents.

The crappy thing about this is that if we do move back, it will not be fun. We’ve finally finished furnishing our apartment and making our new home comfortable, and since I kept track of how much it cost us to move here, I know moving back won’t be any cheaper. Moreover, say we do move back, hopefully I’ll be able to find a job there before we move, but in all likelihood I’ll be unemployed again for a brief period. Hope my parents don’t mind me moving back into my old bedroom at age 30.

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