Facebook Group

Money Life Balance Community Facebook GroupI started the Money. Life. Balance. Community Facebook Group in 2016 as a way to create an online community for my blog readers, podcast listeners, YouTube subscribers and even people who didn’t know who the heck I was, but wanted to a safe space where they could ask questions and get the support they needed to continue on their own personal finance journeys.

In less than a year, it’s grown to over 1,000 members, and continues to be a positive hub where anyone can share, learn and help others with anything in relation to money, life and balance.


Book Club

This is a very new venture that I launched, and I can’t wait to host my first ever book club! The book club event will take place in the Facebook group, and not only is it a chance for us all to discuss a personal finance book that we’ve all read, but the author is going to join us live so you can ask your burning questions too!

Although everything will be going down in the Facebook group, if you don’t use Facebook, you can still participate. By joining the club via the button below, you’ll get access to a special link to submit your questions to the author and will get to watch it answered in the replay video that will be hosted on my YouTube channel.


Millennial Money Meetup

I love creating communities online, but I also love creating them offline too.

That’s why I founded the Millennial Money Meetup in September 2016. I wanted a way to get people out, mixing and mingling, and talking money with each other in real life.

I’ve hosted two Millennial Money Meetups so far featuring panels of stellar financial expert guests, and hope to do more in the near future too.

To be notified of the next event, sign up to my mailing list.



Want to know who’s reading my blog, listening to my podcast and watching my YouTube channel? Check out these real life testimonials.

“I love listening to the Mo’ Money Podcast on my morning commute and getting inspired on how to take even better control of my finances! Highly recommend it!”

Nadine – Amsterdam, Netherlands

“Jessica’s info in her Get Your Financial Life Right Challenge is dead on! Every time she sends an email it’s ALWAYS full of great advice.”

Rhonda – Ottawa, ON, Canada

“Really enjoy reading Jessica’s blog and listening to her Mo’ Money Podcast. Keep up the great work!”

Chad Price, Welcome to the Nerdery – Harrisburg, PA, USA

“I started listening to Jessica’s podcast right when I needed it! As a female in her late 20’s, I can really relate to the topics covered. Great podcast!”

Jessica Brown, Leroy Brown Furnishings – Vancouver, BC, Canada

“The first thing you’ll notice when you listen to Jessica on her podcast is her sincerity. She has an honesty that is immediately apparent whether you’re reading a post or listening to her awesome podcast. Her friendly way lets you feel like you are sitting right there with her just having a conversation. She brings a breath of fresh air to the personal finance atmosphere!”

Andrew Daniels, Family Money Plan – Winnipeg, MB, Canada

“Really enjoy the honesty, transparency, and overall feel of [her] posts. I feel like I’m talking or hanging out with a friend and shooting the breeze about money. Keep it up, it’s really good stuff.”

Chris Peach, Money Peach – Glendale, AZ, USA

“Really enjoy this podcast! Jessica is very sincere and honest…Add this podcast to your listening library today!”

Rachel Hernandez, Adventures in Mobile Homes – USA