Best Websites to Watch TV Online for Free in Canada

One of the things I’m really jealous of all you Americans for (besides the state of California and your crazy cheap liquor prices) is the selection of websites you have to watch TV online for free. I mean you’ve got Hulu, NBC, ABC and HBO just to name a few, all the while us poor Canadians are denied access. Can’t you guys show some love to your neighbours to the north?

Well, it isn’t all bad I guess. We may not have those particular sites to watch TV online for free with, but there are still a number of great sites out there that allow us poor, humble Canadians to enjoy the same great shows without ever having to pay for cable.

MTV Canada

Don’t you dare tell me you’ve never watched at least one episode of Teen Mom or Jersey Shore. Fine, maybe I’m just talking about myself, but I feel no guilt watching these guilty pleasures because I ain’t paying a dime to do so.

Visit to watch for free


Free episodes of Vanderpump Rules, Don’t Be Tardy and Ladies of London? Yes, please!

Visit to watch for free

Global TV

Top shows on this channel’s site include Madam Secretary, Hawaii Five-0 and Super Girl.

Visit to watch for free


I’m gonna say the best shows on this site are Blood and Oil, Dancing with the Stars and Arrow.

Visit to watch for free


This site let’s you watch almost any National Film Board film for absolutely free. It’s not just documentaries either. There are tons of animated films and shorts, and they are all Canadian. Go Canada!

Visit to watch for free

Shaw Connect

You want to watch something from HGTV, Slice, GlobalTV, History TV, Showcase or The Food Network? It’s all on this one site! Now let’s make some popcorn and watch other people make really yummy food we’ll never make in real life.

Visit to watch for free

Rogers on Demand

Pretty much all the best shows on TV are on here including Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Modern Family and Black-ish. Although these three shows are free, you will still find that quite a few of the shows need a cable subscription for to access online.

Visit to watch for free


And what could be more Canadian than watching a Canadian-made TV show from the Canadian Broadcasting Company! Notable shows are Murdoch Mysteries, The Passionate Eye and Heartland.

Visit to watch for free


Binge watch episodes of Mr. Robot, Rizzoli & Isles and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend on Showcase’s website!

Visit to watch for free


You can watch free episodes of Ghost Hunters, Survivorman and The Liquidator online on OLN.

Visit to watch for free


With shows like Gold Rush, Fast N’ Loud, Fools Gold and Rise of the Machines, you’ll have plenty of entertainment to fill those cold, rainy afternoons with.

Visit to watch for free

Now go and enjoy the free!

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  • fromshoppingtosaving

    I’m not in Canada but watch tv shows online 100% of the time! I don’t even know why we have cable. We honestly just turn it on before we sleep, set the timer for 30 mins and use it to help us fall asleep haha.

    • Monica

      Watching TV online is becoming more and more convenient so it’s no surprise to find that people like us are beginning to prefer it over the TV set. My employer, DISH, even has a website for its customers to watch their shows. I love it because I can watch older episodes of my favorite shows and even movies. A lot of cable and satellite TV companies have similar sites here in the US. You should check with your cable company to see if they have anything like it.

  • Honest
    Reply Storm TV Canada is the best one for Canadians to watch TV online for free. Storm can classify and rank up sources that are playing TV contents for free and whose legality can be verified

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