**Update: Registration for the course is now closed, but will open up again in the fall**

If you’re on my mailing list, then you already heard the news this morning. Myself and my business partner Jaclyn Phillips have finally put the finishing touches on our much anticipated Rich & Fit Bootcamp e-course, and to kick off the launch of the course, we’re going to be doing our very first webinar together on Wednesday, May 31 at 7pm EDT.

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We are so excited that this day has finally come. We really started ramping up making the course when I left my 9 to 5 job in January, but honestly this course has been a year in the making. Actually, maybe a year and a half in the making.

How Rich & Fit Was Born

To give you some backstory on how me and Jaclyn teamed up to create our company (Rich & Fit), we’ve been friends for almost 3 years now. We met at work actually. Be both worked at the same law firm — I worked in the digital marketing department, she worked in business development.

I still remember her first day like it was yesterday. I’d been at the firm for about a year and she took over a colleague’s maternity leave position. There was a lot of buzz in the office when she first started, and it all had to do with her Instagram. One of my co-workers discovered her page and we were all in utter awe. She wasn’t just a business development specialist. She was a champion bodybuilder and fitness coach!

One night, when we were both working late, we started talking about our hobbies outside of work. Well, we soon discovered that our hobbies weren’t really hobbies — they were our passions, our side hustles. Jaclyn had dreams of building her own on fitness brand, and I had the same aspirations for my personal finance brand.

Then, I happened to mention how one of my biggest struggles was my fitness. I was a yo-yo fitness program junkie. Some months I would workout hard and be thrilled at how my body could transform before my eyees. Then some months I would just sit on the couch and eat carbs like there was no tomorrow. I could never just stick to a plan and fully integrate it into my regular routine.

Similarly, she struggled with keeping her finances organized. Then, a lightbulb when off over both of our heads. We both struggled with the other person’s expertise. Maybe we could help each other? And then maybe we could help others too?

After meeting after work for a few months to chat about our passions and how we could combine them, we finally decided to pull the trigger and create something together. That’s how we got the idea to launch our Rich & Fit 21-Day Challenge in January 2016. It was a free 21-day email course, completely free, that offered finance tips and workouts to almost 500 students. It was a ton of effort since we both still worked full-time, but it gave us the assurance we needed that we had a great idea and we needed to run with it.

So What’s the Rich & Fit Bootcamp All About?

Fast-forward 17 months since that first email course and here we are! Ready to launch our fully-formed 7-week intensive e-course called the Rich & Fit Bootcamp. It will teach you how to take control of your finances and your fitness, add more balance into your life, and be part of a community of other students eager to tackle these major life struggles too.

It’s comprised of video lessons, 7-weeks worth of workouts, worksheets, cheat sheets, checklists, a private Facebook group for students only and virtual office hours with myself and Jaclyn.

Registration will officially open after the webinar we’re hosting on Wednesday, May 31 at 7pm EDT. But a big incentive to join us for the webinar live (instead of the replay) will be because we’ll be awarding 3 scholarships to the course to some very lucky live webinar attendees! That’s right, if you join us for the live webinar, you’ll automatically be included in a draw to get full access to the course for absolutely free!

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Of course, that’s not the only reason you should join us. We’ll be presenting on some of the topics we’ll be covering in the course. We’ll show you how finance and fitness have absolutely everything to do with each other, how they both use the same principles for reaching success, and how when you learn how to master your money and fitness, you can literally transform your life into the one you’ve always dreamed of.

How the Rich & Fit Bootcamp Has Already Transformed Two Lives

And if you need some extra proof, while working on the course Jaclyn and I have both been integrating all the lessons into our own lives.

I’ve been diligently following all of her fitness lessons, working out consistently, changing my diet so it focuses more on protein and whole foods, and practicing mindfulness on the daily. And since I’ve been doing all this, the stress, depression and boredom I was consumed by for most of last year is gone. I finally feel like I’m in control of my life again.

Even though last year should have been one of my best years (I earned my highest income, grew my brand, was able to quit my job), it was hands down one of the most stressful and emotional. Especially in the fall when I was gearing up to quit my job, I literally felt like a crazy person. I was working all the time and had absolutely no balance in my life. That’s all changed, which is why I’m so excited to share this course with you.

For Jaclyn, she’s been integrating the financial lessons into her life. And because of it, she was able to make a financial plan for herself that helped her afford to leave her job last month to finally focus on her fitness career full-time and truly follow her passion.

Some Important Dates You Need to Know

As I’ve mentioned a few times already, we’ll be opening registration for the course promptly after our webinar on Wednesday, May 31 at 7pm EDT. Then, registration will be open for only 1 week. That’s right, we’ll be closing registration on Wednesday, June 7 at 11pm and that’s it. We’re doing this because we really wanted to run the course through the summer (it’ll run from Sunday, June 11 – Sunday, July 30).

You may be wondering why during the summer, since usually you’d want to get your summer body together way before that. Well, this course isn’t just about your summer body. You see, the summer is a time people typically want to indulge. They want to drink margaritas, eat ice cream and spend to their hearts’ content. So in our minds, this is the perfect time to run our course, just when people need that accountability and strict guide to avoid busting their budget and their waistline.

As a quick reminder, here are all the dates I mentioned. But if you sign up to our webinar or join my mailing list, I’ll be sending out email reminders for everything so you won’t have to worry:

  1. Registration opens – Wednesday, May 31 at 8pm EDT
  2. Registration closes – Wednesday June 7 at 11pm EDT
  3. Course runs – Sunday, June 11 to Sunday, July 30

I can’t wait to reveal more about the course, so I hope I’ll be seeing you at Jaclyn and I’s webinar in a few weeks!