One of the things I love best about New Year’s is taking the time to reflect on the previous year. I used to never do this, especially in my university days, as I was more concerned with looking forward instead of looking back. 

Maybe it’s just because I’m getting older, but I definitely have a new appreciation for reflecting on the past and taking the time to pat myself on the back for things I’ve accomplished and noting down what I’ve learned.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, 2012 was a pretty good year, but I can’t deny that there were plenty of lows that went with all the highs.

Honestly, I’m a natural pessimist. I try my best to think positively, but I can’t help but always expect the worst while hoping for the best. I don’t know why, but I definitely find that I fixate on the negative and completely ignore the positive most of the time (which my BF can definitely attest to).

This is why I find it really helpful to list the good and bad when doing some reflection. So here’s my list of my highs and lows of 2012. Man, as much as I enjoyed 2012, I’m sure glad to start a fresh, new year.

The Highs

  1. I reached my goal of keeping this blog alive for an entire year. It was a lot of hard work, and I’m still trying to get better at time management, but I’m so glad I kept it up and will continue to do so for another year.
  2. This year, I also got to meet a bunch of amazing Vancouver PF bloggers who I now consider friends. Who knew you could meet such awesome people through the Internet!
  3. I got offered my first freelance writing gig. I’ve seriously never been offered a job out of the blue in my entire life. I’ve always had to work my butt off to get every job I’ve ever gotten, so this was a pretty cool thing to happen to me.
  4. My BF and I celebrated 5 1/2 years together, and 1 year of living together. Yay us!
  5. After a long period of no vacations and no trips, this year my BF and I visited Portland, Oregon (which I’m now totally in love with), Gabriola Island (beautiful island in BC), and Blaine, Washington (not super exciting, but it was still a nice, relaxing trip).
  6. I got to share some great memories with my family this year such as picking out my wedding dress, watching some never before seen home movies from my dad’s childhood, and having my BF’s mom meet my mom and sisters for the first time ever.
  7. Rob Carrick mentioned my blog on The Globe and Mail‘s website. He knows who I am! How cool!
  8. I went to three weddings this year and was so honoured to witness some good friends of mine get married.
  9. I reached quite a few of my financial goals for 2012, such as saving up at least $15,000, learning some new cheap recipes to make, and walking to work everyday.
  10. I ended up making $5,000 in side income from my freelance writing gig, my teleprompting job, and this blog. There were definitely a number of times I felt overwhelmed and overworked, but to see the fruits of my labour at the end of the year, it sure is nice to see that all the hard work paid off.

The Lows

  1. We had a not so fun war of words with our downstairs neighbour. Basically he’s a complete psychopath, but luckily after our nasty note exchange we haven’t heard a peep from him since.
  2. Finding out I had to get some expensive gum surgery done because I’d been brushing my teeth too hard for so many years was definitely a low. It also wasn’t fun to be on a liquid diet for about a month or have to wear a clear mouth guard at work. I’m just glad it’s over and my gums are as good as new.
  3. I made practically nothing from my investments this year. It’s not like have that much money invested in my RRSP or my TFSA, and I know it’s generally a sh**y time for investments, but because I didn’t make at least 3% on my investments, I essentially lost money this year.
  4. I almost completely destroyed my laptop by stupidly spilling a cup of Baileys all over the keyboard. Thankfully, it was all fixed by the dudes at the Apple Store and was covered (somehow) under my Apple Care. The downside is it definitely hasn’t been working perfectly ever since. I feel like I might have to replace it way sooner than I had anticipated.
  5. A dear co-worker of mine passed away after a two year battle with cancer. He was an inspiring human being and he’ll be truly missed by everyone he knew.

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