Since I am officially 1 week away from launching the Mo’ Money Podcast, I thought it was time to do a post about some of the other great personal finance podcasts out there. I have seriously become a total podcast nerd. 

Yes, I listen to personal finance podcasts, but I’ve gotten even nerdier than that. I’m full on obsessed with podcasts about podcasting! How more niche can you get?

But I’m hooked. I listened to one episode the other day on The Audacity to Podcast about podcast episode numbers and I couldn’t believe how enthralled I was. It’s almost a problem.

But enough about that. Since I know you are all eagerly awaiting for my podcast to launch, until then I suggest you get your feet wet with some of these great personal finance podcasts.

Listen Money Matters

So far these guys have 294 episodes (say what?) and 22 iTunes reviews! They’ve clearly been in the personal finance podcasting game for a while, so I’m pretty sure they know what they’re doing. Definitely a podcast worth checking out.

Money Mastermind

A lot of familiar personal finance blogging faces here, and quite a few I saw at FinCon last September.

So Money with Farnoosh Torabi

I’m all about supporting awesome women being awesome, and Farnoosh knows what’s going on. I actually saw her speak at FinCon 2014 and she was pretty impressive!

The Consumerism Commentary Podcast

Another longstanding podcast with a plethora (one of my favourite words of late) of episodes. Check it out!

The MoneyBuzz Podcast

So it looks like this podcast isn’t exactly a thing anymore, but I really love Claire and Shannon (got to hang out with them in New Orleans for a bit during FinCon), and I want them to make more episodes! The episodes they do have are awesome. Ladies, are you reading this? I need more MoneyBuzz!

The Chelsea Krost Show

This girl is always on my Twitter and has a bajillion followers, so I’m giving her a virtual high-five for being awesome at social and being a millennial hustler. You go girl!

The Unsettle Podcast

And to end this list off, my girl Sarah who now runs Unsettle (you may know her from If Life Gives You Lemons, Add Vodka or Surburban Finance) has a podcast that’s less personal finance and more career and entrepreneurship focused. Still, super amazing and props. Go Sarah!

Bonus: Mo’ Money Podcast

Oh I just had to add in my podcast now that’s live! I know I’m a bit biased, but is it so wrong that I really do enjoy listening back to all the episodes? How about you take a listen and tell me what you think (and maybe give me a review on iTunes if you don’t mind too much).

What are you favourite personal finance podcasts?

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