3 Ways to Add More Balance into Your Life Right Now

How to add balance to your life

It was Sunday night and once again the panic set in. I had nothing ready for Monday morning, the day I usually publish a new blog post or video.

My excuse? Life. I just got home at 4am on Saturday thanks to the flight from hell from Vancouver to Toronto. I was exhausted, jet lagged and the last thing I wanted to do was put some makeup on, hit the record button, then write a blog post to go with it. I just wanted some sleep, and maybe a burrito and a big salad.

And then it dawned on me. I own my time. I’m my own boss! I can change up my content schedule if I want to and literally no one will care.

1. Set a Schedule That Works Best for You

Reading that last sentence back, it does seem a bit ridiculous that I was so stressed out about changing my content schedule. But seriously, the Sunday night panic I described has been with me for YEARS!

And because content creation is all about consistency, I was so worried that if I changed up my schedule, then it would be game-over. Readers would stop reading, subscribers would hit that unsubscribe button, and all my dreams would be crushed.

A bit dramatic, no?

Which is why I’m taking this opportunity, being the New Year, to finally change my content schedule.

Now, if this isn’t something you can really relate to because you don’t have a blog or YouTube channel, this can literally apply to any other part of your business or your life for that matter.

Is there something that’s always in your calendar, say on a weekly or regular basis, that always makes you panic or think “Ugh, not again.” Then figure out what about it makes you feel that way, and change something to make it better.

For example, maybe you have a morning yoga every Sunday. You know yoga makes you feel good after, you like it when you’re doing it, but Saturday night you are dreading it. Then maybe it’s time to change that yoga class to a day or time that doesn’t make you go “Ugh”. Maybe after work on a weekday, or maybe just later on Sunday so you can sleep in and not worry about staying out late on Saturday.

2. Limit Your Screen Time

This is something I know so many other people struggle with and I’m not alone in. Not only does being on my phone and computer all the time make me anxious, there are so many other damaging effects it has on my life. I mean, the fact that watching Black Mirror on Netflix feels too close to home probably isn’t a good thing, am I right?

So, I’m going to be doing a few things to force myself to limit my screen time.

Change Your Phone to Grayscale

Let’s start with my phone. I’m going to try out a friend’s suggestion and make it completely grayscale. It’s a simple way of basically making your phone less exciting to check if there’s a notification.

To try it out yourself on your iPhone, just go:

Settings > Accessibility > Color Filters (toggle on Grayscale)

I’ve got an iPhone 6, so it might be slightly different depending on what phone you have, but still you should be able to do it no matter what phone you

Stop Using Your Phone as Your Alarm Clock

I’ve been using my phone as an alarm clock for years, and what do you think I do after hitting the alarm off button? I immediately start checking Facebook, Twitter, my emails and my guilty pleasure sites like People and Perez Hilton.

And then what follows? Anxiety because I feel like I’m late and need to catch up! Which is ridiculous because even though a whole world is awake when you’re not, it shouldn’t make you feel like you need to panic and hustle ASAP to catch up to everyone in the morning.

So what’s my solution? Going to Value Village or some other second-hand shop, getting an old-school alarm clock, and leaving my phone in my kitchen downstairs so I can’t access it before bed or when I get up.

Such a simple thing, but I’ve heard from others that it’s really effective.

3. Follow a Simple Yet Effective Morning Routine

I’ve been lucky enough to have interviewed some amazing entrepreneurs for the Mo’ Money Podcast last year, including John Lee Dumas who has a stellar morning routine he swears by.

And he’s not alone. If you’ve ever watched the Tony Robbins documentary I Am Not Your Guru (which I highly recommend!), then you’ll have seen his insane morning routine that includes working out, jumping into an ice-cold pool, meditating, and practicing his scales.

This all sounds great to me, and who wouldn’t want to start of their day like a champ? But here’s the thing, I hate mornings! HATE! Having the freedom to sleep in and wake up naturally was something I fantasized about since I was a teenager. And now that I’m self-employed, I’ve got that freedom. But again, I have the terrible habit of waking up, checking my phone, working non-stop until my stomach rumbles, and then getting a headache because I forgot to eat. Not a great start to the day.

So, I’m just gonna keep things simple because I am not a morning person. I’m going to set my alarm for 9am each day (which is still sleeping in really), then do the following:

  • Get coffee and eat breakfast (I put this first because I’m always starving in the morning)
  • Meditate for 10 minutes
  • Read 10-20 minutes of a good book

And that’s it. Then, I’ll allow myself to shower, get dressed, and start my workday around 10am.

How Do You Plan to Add More Balance into Your Life this Year?

I would love to know about what some of your struggles are and what changes you want to make to add more balance into your life. Let me know in the comments or join my private Facebook group to join the conversation!

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  • Candice Walsh

    I’m glad it’s not just me that reads a good book in the mornings! I find it to be the most comforting/rewarding way to start the day. Screw exercise. Haha.

    • Jessica Moorhouse

      It’s what a ton of successful people do in the morning, so it must be the smart thing to do haha!

  • Lady Dividend

    Mornings are so important, Jessica! I recently started waking up 20 minutes early every day to work on by blog. It’s nice to feel like I’ve done one of the most important things for my personal goals shortly after I’ve woken up.

    I recently took a hard look at my shedule and eliminated acupuncture. I had been forcing myself to go because of the perceived health benefits, but I never enjoy it and it’s time to free up that time for something else.

    • Jessica Moorhouse

      I’ve always been curious about acupuncture, but the idea of needles scares me! And yes, mornings are so important. It may be a lifelong battle for me to get up earlier to start my days off better haha.

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