Ever since I wrote my post about how I’d rather spend money on experiences than on material goods, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about all of the things I could do for the same price as one designer purse. 

Rather spend money on experiences instead of designer goods? Here are 10 things you could do for the cost of a Louis Vuitton purse.Of course, the designer purse I was actually thinking of buying was something by Marc Jacobs and around the $500 range, but then I started thinking about what type of designer purses I saw on everyday people.

Besides the notorious Coach purses, no matter where I am I will always see someone carrying around a monogrammed canvas Louis Vuitton purse. I always thought they cost around $500, but after doing a bit of research I found out that they actually average $980. Now that’s a spicy meatball! What’s more is that’s what purse-connoisseurs call an “entry-level bag”. And I thought me spending $70 on my London Fog bag at Winners was being indulgent!

So, to show how ridiculous it is to spend so much money on just one single material thing, I’ve compiled a list of 10 awesome and possibly life-changing things you could do for the same price as an entry-level Louis Vuitton purse.

1. Party it up in Las Vegas

For the price of this purse you could buy a round-trip ticket from Toronto to Las Vegas, stay at the Monte Carlo for 3 nights, and still have $230 to spare for meals, drinks, shopping, and some obsessive slots playing.


2. Fly like a bird

For the price of this purse you could go tandem skydiving, get a video and photo stills of your dive down, and still have $533 leftover for several glasses of wine, an expensive dinner, and a massage (or 2) to calm your nerves.


3. Conquer your fear of heights

For the price of this purse you could do the CN Tower’s EdgeWalk 5 times, then enjoy the 360 Restaurant’s $72 prix fixe dinner menu with $33 to spare for a tax and tip.


4. Get a tan in the Dominican Republic

For the price of this purse you could afford a 6 night all-inclusive vacation (and round-trip flight) to the Dominican Republic.


5. Have a “Bachelor” moment

For the price of this purse you could enjoy a romantic helicopter tour around Toronto at sunset plus a one-night stay in the Deluxe King Suite at the Fairmont Royal York.


6. Get your fill of grand jetes and pirouettes

For the price of this purse you could buy a full series subscription to the National Ballet of Canada (6 ballets) with prime seating in the Orchestra 1.2 section, and have $164 leftover for wine and goodies at intermission.


7. Be a tourist in Toronto

For the price of this purse you could get two Toronto City Passes (giving you access to the CN Tower, Royal Ontario Museum, Casa Loma, Toronto Zoo, and Ontario Science Centre), two Side Prime seats to a Toronto Raptors game, and transportation via an 8-passenger limo for 3 hours.


8. Float up into the clouds

For the price of this purse you could float up into the clouds in a private hot air balloon for two and still have $30 extra to put in your pocket.


9. Take the plunge and get wet

For the price of this purse you and a friend could go bungee jumping over the Ottawa River, then go white water rafting, and have enough leftover for a two-night stay in your very own chalet.


10. Invest it to afford even more experiences later on

And finally, for the price of this purse you could invest this money, let it grow for a few years, then use the money to afford many more awesome experiences down the road.

What would you do for the price of one Louis Vuitton purse?

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