Tax season may not be your favourite time of year (and if it is, you need to get out more), but everyone has to do their taxes, so why not make the best of it? That’s why I’ve created this free tax preparation checklist to make things a bit easier on you.

This checklist has been a real stress-saver for my husband and I. This tax preparation checklist has really helped keep us organized.It lists exactly what documents you need to get your taxes done (in Canada only, sorry my non-Canuck friends!), so you can worry a bit less about filing your taxes and think more about what you want to do with your tax return.

And no I don’t mean what kind of trip you’re going to plan with your return. For the love of the tax gods, please save it, invest it or use it to pay down your debt! Please!

The most annoying part of doing your taxes is getting all of your paperwork together, but with my tax preparation checklist you’ll now have a complete list of everything you need. You can even print it and check it off as you go.

I’m telling you, this checklist has been a real stress-saver for my husband and I. My taxes have always been a bit more straightforward since I work full-time at a salaried job, but my husband has been a freelancer for almost 9 years now.

Since keeping receipts, tracking business expenses and figuring out what tax credits he can take advantage of is crucial for him come tax time, this checklist has really helped him keep organized and cut down the time it takes him to get everything sorted.

Check Out My Video on Getting Ready for Tax Season

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