I’m always on the hunt for the best deals, frugal hacks and helpful resources. That’s why I’m sharing my top tips and tools to help you add more Money. Life. Balance. into your life.

Accounting & Budgeting

I used to do all my accounting with a simple spreadsheet, but once I signed up for Freshbooks, it really changed the game for me. Now, invoicing and organizing business expenses is a breeze!

Doing your taxes may not be a bundle of fun, but it shouldn’t be stressful either. That’s why I created this essential tax preparation checklist to make doing your taxes smooth sailing.

Try my personal budget spreadsheet I’ve been using for over 6 years! It has seriously changed my life and saved me thousands of dollars, so download my free spreadsheet to get your money right today.

Download my free net worth spreadsheet to find out how rich you really are. I also suggest you note down your net worth every month at the same time you go through your month’s spending. Not only is it a great way to track your progress, it’ll also motivate you to keep saving, investing and working towards your financial goals.

Blogging & Content Marketing

As soon as I started using Leadpages, my email list started growing at a rate I’d always hoped it would. Within a year my list went from 200 to over 2,000. Now, I can’t live without it and suggest you get it if you’re serious about building your email list.

I used to use MailChimp as my email platform, but I recently switched over to ConvertKit because it offered a more better overall functionality. Since using it my open rates have increased from increased 10% and so have my subscription rates. Highly recommend it!

For years, my site was so slow and I couldn’t figure out how to make it faster. I tried everything, until I realized the one thing I hadn’t tried — a CDN. Ever since I started using KeyCDN, my site speed has more than doubled creating a way better user experience.

If you need a website either to start your own side hustle, I suggest using HostGator as a web host. I’ve been using them for this website for over 4 years now and I’m one happy customer.

Another great hosting company that many big bloggers I know use is Siteground. If I weren’t with Hostgator, I’d use Siteground hands-down so I fully recommend this as an alternate web host.


I wanted to be part of a community where we could all talk about our personal finance journeys without any judgement and learn from each other along the way. I couldn’t find one — so I started my own. Join my private Facebook group, we’re over 500 strong!

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Feel like your money situation is complete chaos? I got you! Sign up to my 10-day email course and learn all the steps you need to take to get your finances back on track. From budgeting, investing, to estate planning, I go through everything you need to tackle to become a personal finance rockstar.

Want to become a DIY investor? Then this is the course you absolutely need to take. Taught by John Robertson, a DIY investing expert & author of The Value of Simple, this course will guide you through investing the smart way for the long term with step-by-step instructions.

Sarah Li Cain, the blogger behind High Fiving Dollars, recently launched a course that’s all about the triggers that make us overspend. If you want to learn how to curb your spending (and find out why you’re doing it in the first place), sign up to her 2-week course.


Justwealth is a great robo-advisor if you’re thinking of investing in ETFs and want save on fees. much. Use my affiliate link when you sign up and get $50 put right into your account.

Another great robo-advisor to check out is Wealthsimple. They are the fastest growing online investing platform in Canada, and if you sign up here you’ll get $50 when you sign up.

Moving, Mortgages & Housing

I started this moving out checklist when I first moved out of my parents’ place over 6 years ago. Since then I’ve added to it every time I moved (about 8 times!), and now I want to share this handy, ultra organized moving out checklist with you.

Want to know how much interest you’ll be paying on your mortgage over long haul? It might be more than you think! Plug in your numbers to my free calculator to find out whether you should try to pay off your mortgage sooner to save on interest.

To get the right mortgage, you need to be prepared. Download my free checklist so you’re armed with all the right info before getting one of the biggest loans of your life.


Are you a Freedom Fighter or Gift Lover? Power Player or Security Guard? Find out what your money personality is in 1 minute by taking my free quiz.

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